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Kevin in Nashville  170801 17:04
Just wondering if you ever play in Nashville.. I'd love to come and see you play.. I work at the Corp office at Gibson Brands.. Love your music.. listen to it daily..
Vean  in usa  170723 6:20
Your guitar has beautiful crisp sound.
Is it a custom build for you?
Who is the maker.
Zach Largey in Orem  170712 17:28
Hi Martin,

My favorite video is "A White Shade of Pale Played on 7 Lowden Guitars." Anywhere I can find out which models each one was? You list the series numbers, but what were the wood combos?

Dennis Connolly in Sedona Arizona USA  170628 6:48
You're arrangements and interpretations are fantastic. Have you ever considered arranging "You're so Cool"by Hans Zimmer from the movie "True Love". Here's the movie versions on marimbas:
chris in netherlands  170627 13:13
Hello Martin,

years ago I asked for the tabs of Lying eyes. I still don"t have them. But what I got instead is, the change to play many of the songs that you share with us on your site. Learning from your style of playing has thought me not to be the one who play's the song but to let the guitar play the song. My guitar never sounded better. Thanks to you. Thank you for that.
PickerDad in Vancouver, Canada  170627 0:51
I loveyour version of Jerry Reed's Swingin' 69. Jerry was a one-of-a-kind original, and you've captured him brilliantly. It's just the kind of thing I love to perform. How can I get TABs for that piece?
wayne parker  170623 15:37
Hello Martin. I have listened to you play the fingerstyle "Ode to Billy Joe" on You Tube for years. I play fingerstyle guitar as well and would love to learn how to play it the way you do. It seems to me the tuning is different maybe. Is there a video lesson on it I could pay for?

ken Donnell - MiniFlex in California  170622 0:58
We have a new 2Mic Model I would love to send you at no charge for your testing... our Model 6. We also have a Model 6b with an extra low frequency cut to accommodate flamenco guitars that heavy low ends. Overall I believe you would prefer the Model 6, but can send a 6 b if you wish. Please contact me - Ken
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