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Michael A. Murphy in Vermont, USA  170526 7:27
Just want say THANK YOU for sharing your talent and music with us. The things you do with dynamics and touch and emotion is nicer than I have words to express.
Alex Spreiter in Switzerland, Zürich  170523 12:51
Hi Martin
I really do appreciate your fingerstyle Music. And I fell in love with the Song "Kickin it" from Bobby Chonchrane. Is it possible to get the Tabs? Money don't matter..:-) Greetings from Switzerland
Thomas Ramsoy in Norway  170509 6:24
I adore your music. Tanky for you youtubechannel!

Can I have your backingtrack for Jiffy Jam? Or do you suggest and drumloops I can download or stream for practice?
Matt Buckley in Eastbourne  170509 5:07
Nice to see quotes from followers who can express in
words; what I'd also like to say, without getting all
my worms mixed up. But I'll give it ago.
"Music above, Music below.
But always all around".

Thanks Martin
Paul Brazdzionis in Glastonbury  170508 4:44
Just wanted to say thanks for your generosity in sharing your tabs. Your arrangements are the best I've heard. I'm very inspired to learn them. Very soulful, and demonstrate a deep respect and appreciation for melody.

Thanks again,
Christian in Nürnberg  170504 19:19
hi martin,
I want to buy the tabs of your version :
tears in heaven
is it possible?
best regards
Travis Williams  in Ardmore  170412 21:20
Hi Martin. I truly love and appreciate your music. Have you heard of CAAS (THE CHET ATKINS APPRECIATION SOCIETY )? I will talk to Mark Pritcher about you. It would be great if you could make it as a performing guitarist. Cheers Travis Williams TRAVIS GUITARS.
Louis in seattle  170410 3:00
Hi Martin, I enjoy your playing. Do you have tabs for your version of Jiffy Jam? Keep em coming! Lou
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