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Ken in Idaho, U.S.A.  170620 6:36
In my opinion, you WILL be considered as a MUSICIAN HALL OF FAMER candidate at some point in the future. Believe me and I’ll tell you why.
“It’s because your music is….SIMPLE!” ‘Simple to understand, simple to enjoy, and memorable to the greatest degree; no big mystery there. You’ve mastering the “art of appealing to the ‘feeling senses’ of music listeners” who are able to, now, listen to music DEVOID of superfluous music notation, erratic improvisation, flamboyant expression that mimics ‘musical bragging of talent’ of sorts AND you’ve accomplished this by simply ‘slowing down the beat,’ too. (By-the-way, music listeners can now ‘form music synapses’ in their heads because they can distinguish a melodic line easily! )
Your style stands out as distinguishable, in my opinion, BECAUSE you’re ‘bucking the trend’ by NOT following in the steps of a music industry predominately MAD about ‘going crazy and being crazy’ to produce and commemorate ONLY music which ONLY seems to recognize talent and musical contributions for “ostentatious sake.” Not now, I’m glad to say; you’re gradually making YOUR ‘mark’ in the music world, evidently, to challenge this notion!
I must point out that, most importantly of all….you’re music ALLOWS the senses to create ‘VISIONS of SOMETHING’ whether pastoral, personal, fantasy, etc, because you’re not ‘fingering the guitar at warp speed.’ THIS IS WHAT SEPARATES YOU FROM THE PACK (if you know what I mean). Yes, there are many GREAT musician artists out there but what’s wrong with SOMEONE producing music WITHOUT wizardry of ‘flurry fingers?’ In a sense, your music is ‘kindly’ and does not reflect “a full scale attack on the ears” that, otherwise, just prefers to wander into quiet reflection. My ears, in particular, aren’t overwhelmed by a mass of musical tones, then, in listening to your musical style which now makes music “strike to the heart and is worthy of remembering. “
Your music WILL be ultimately remembered and honored, at some point; I’m sure of it, by the MUSICIAN HALL OF FAME directorship- I can feel it, sir. Just hang in there and do your best to travel internationally, if you can. I’m not an authority for understanding how to guide a musician to become world-renown but it seems as if to become so, most artists must tour to attain that goal. If so, I hope to see you in the U.S.A.
Best of Luck……..Sir (Ken Rairden)
Kyler Stenersen in Yacolt  170603 5:01
Hey Martin! I just wanna thank you for all your amazing work, its all so beautiful:) One thing I ask is that you would maybe make the tabs for Amazing Grace with all the slurs and slides and everything. Lately I have been using your youtube video to try and figure it out but that is pretty hard:) Thanks!

Kyler Stenersen
Liam in Vietnam  170601 18:13
Martin... First, I want to thank you for the enormous contribution you make to the musical community. I'm sort of a fly-on-the-wall fan of yours... Great artistry and articulate execution... Very expressive and musical, but also deceptively skillful.

I'm mainly a singer, but really dig how you mic your guitar (and play it too, obviously). It really captures so much of what you're doing. May I ask what mic you used and how you used it for, for example, My Heart Will Go On?

Thanks ahead of time for any advice you can offer.

Michael A. Murphy in Vermont, USA  170526 9:27
Just want say THANK YOU for sharing your talent and music with us. The things you do with dynamics and touch and emotion is nicer than I have words to express.
Alex Spreiter in Switzerland, Zürich  170523 14:51
Hi Martin
I really do appreciate your fingerstyle Music. And I fell in love with the Song "Kickin it" from Bobby Chonchrane. Is it possible to get the Tabs? Money don't matter..:-) Greetings from Switzerland
Thomas Ramsoy in Norway  170509 8:24
I adore your music. Tanky for you youtubechannel!

Can I have your backingtrack for Jiffy Jam? Or do you suggest and drumloops I can download or stream for practice?
Matt Buckley in Eastbourne  170509 7:07
Nice to see quotes from followers who can express in
words; what I'd also like to say, without getting all
my worms mixed up. But I'll give it ago.
"Music above, Music below.
But always all around".

Thanks Martin
Paul Brazdzionis in Glastonbury  170508 6:44
Just wanted to say thanks for your generosity in sharing your tabs. Your arrangements are the best I've heard. I'm very inspired to learn them. Very soulful, and demonstrate a deep respect and appreciation for melody.

Thanks again,
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