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David in Texas  141201 13:44
First off, Martin, thanks for sharing your music. The most beautiful arrangements I've heard. And I'm older than dirt, so speak from experience! I'm not smart enough to figure out the tab for the theme to Twin Peaks for a baritone guitar. I bought the guitar specifically to learn this song, though, granted it ain't gonna sound like you, so, uh, don't be intimated ;-) Seriously, though, would appreciate it if you could tell me what the tuning is from 1st through 6th string BEFORE the capo is placed. Thanks!
jim in beaver falls, Pa- usa  141130 22:05
if you get near Pittsburgh, pa for a concert or whatever, I'm in.. you're a great talent.

I didn't see a touting schedule on your page.
Birgitta in Linköping  141130 10:46
Så vacker den var!
Jag har delat den med Torsten och Annica.
Adventspsalmen som jag talade om är "Bereden väg för herran".
Kram Birgitta
Terry Minion in Fairfield  141130 0:41
I discovered you on Spotify and I stand in appreciation of the blessing you give with your talent. Thank you.
Michael Farley in Oregon USA    141128 6:46
I am silenced by your playing style, and I feel I have so much to glean. Would you kindly tell me of your practice regimen? You are obviously 'made to play', but I would love a tip or two to take my playing to the next level. Again, besides the obvious greatness you possess, might I inquire about the 'woodshed' time - and how you approach practicing?
matteo in rome  141128 0:45
hi, do you have tabs for My Heart Will Go On available for purchase or free? I couln't find it in your web site...thanks for your help and keep on making lovely music! ;)
bob gordon in nashville  141127 17:49
what models of Loef guitars do you play? I am considering selling my Lowden 0-25 for a Loef Stani D
Odeveld in Belgium  141125 21:42
Searching for guitar music, I found you by spotify! Your music is beautiful!
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