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sunaj in California  160123 20:56
Hi Martin,
I am dedicating my latest youtube upload to you and your album Cool Waters which is beyond this world,
hope you get a chance to listen
Yours musically,
wayne duchscherer in prince albert,sask.canada  160121 21:37
Always a pleasure listing to a master.Please "post" free tabs for "Angel" Sarah M. Truly one of the nicest songs ever.Never ceases to amaze me.Your skill is an inspiration.
Always a fan
Jim in California  160119 23:40
Hey Martin,

Just listened to your fantastic tribute to G. Frey on Lyin' Eyes. I applaude you in your play and rendition of this classic tune. As always, you nailed this one. I still love playing your versions of Whiter Shade of Pale and The Rose. Could you send the tab for Lyin' Eyes? If there is a charge let me know. Thanks.

Adam in Alabama  160119 22:09
Hi Martin,

Currently working through your version of Freight Train and was wondering whether you use nails or flesh on your right hand. You may have answered this somewhere and I can't find it so apologies if that's the case. Really big fan of yours and love your arrangements and quality of your playing.

Paul Swann in Searcy    160118 3:51
Hi Martin, I've listen, learned, and purchased from you for years. Thank you for providing such wonderful materials. I love your renditions of so many popular works. Have a great day - Paul
Nick  in NYC, USA  160114 13:43

Thanks for providing not only your great music, but for me, an aspiring fingerstylist, your free and paid TABS have been a huge help.

have you ever considered, with yuor unique arranging skills, doing a version of Eric Clapton's classic "Wonderful Tonight"?

I'd love to hear your arrangement and would happily purchase the TAB.

Thanks again for your generosity. Continued success,
Dean in MN    160112 16:50
Holly Crap! Foggy Mnt. Breakdown? Mang, you rock!!
I'm an old banjo player. Lost my small motor skills on my right hand side about 30 years ago and gave it up. It was Hep C that didn't get caught. I ran across Tommy Emanuel etc. and the folks from Candy Rat Records and got the hair brained idea to go with 6 strings. I gave the doctors that alternative for a measurement base during treatment. Beats sticking little pins in little holes. Then I ran across your music and style...I don't know what to say...."keep up the good work" just seems inadequate.
David Hunter in Oxfordshire  160109 18:12
Hi Martin,

I have downloaded and unzipped your guitar licks.

Am I able to print off each page (lick 1, lick 2, etc)?

Are they all saved under one name so that you can "print all"?


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