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sunaj in California  160105 8:14
Thank you for Cool Waters and the other impressive works,
this music brings me to tears at times,
your music changed my life
Scott Molnar in New Jersey  151231 0:16
I was very impressed and surprised to see a transcription to Wichita Lineman. Thanks a bunch.
Where did you study? and what style.
forever chen in China  151225 6:33
Hello Mr.Martin
En. first ,I am poor in English。I have one request :can I get your Guitar Tabs ,the one name is 《my heart will go on》.please...
Theo in Holland  151224 21:41
Hello Martin,
I just discovered you on youtube. You are a fabulous guitar player. Great arrangements. Especially a whiter shade of Pale. Great!
I have one question: which microphone do you use?
It sounds great.

steve Wheeler in San Francisco Bay Area  151221 23:24

Your arrangement of A Whiter Shade of Pale is fantastic! I love how you spice it up with the country licks! Thank you so much for posting the tab. I have had such a great time learning this song.

Maarten in Belgium  151216 15:53
Hey Martin!
What a very nice arrangement you got from dueling banjos. It's my number one song for getting my fingers warm in banjo-rolls. Can i ask to send me the backing track? Would be great. Keep up the good works! Cheers
Marty in washington  151213 19:32
Good morning Martin. I found your site through a guitar forum. Listened to Silent Night. The tone you pulled out of your guitar is amazing! I have been playing 10 years but definitely don't sound like it. A forum member stated that I should work on tone and worry about technique later. I can see why. Cant wait to check out your site. Marty,
Kong Jin Jie in Singapore  151213 13:25
Hi Martin,

I like to purchase the tabs of Angel. I really hope to play that.

Thank you so much!
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