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Marcus Fröding in Kristianstad  150927 20:06
Hej Martin, jag kör miniflexmic model 1 på min Martin D16 och är mycket nöjd, men funderar över att komplettera med vettig preamp/EQ. Har du nåt tips där?

Tack för inspiration! Allt gott!
Adam in TEXAS  150926 4:26
Howdy Mr. Tallstorm, I just started playing my guitar after years of owning it. I started playing the other day and now i just cant stop. I hope to be a missionary one day and i know i will be visiting many countries in the future. the beautiful thing about music is that it can be shared by all types of cultures and i really want to be the absolute best at it. How did you become so amazing? are there any tips you can give me? My favorite video of yours, is Foggy Mountain Breakdown, and my goal is to learn that song within the next couple years, as long as i stay as comited then as i am now
Gerd Unger in Sinsheim  150924 14:46
Hi Martin - want to buy the 2 Tabs collections of your last two albums but the purchase over Pay Pal failed.3 Times no result - no forward connection - do you know whats the cause of this means ?

All the best
Jordan  in Canada  150922 17:28
Hi Martin, I have been following you on youtube for years after watching your twin peaks theme video. im always amazed by both your tone and wonderful compositions. I am currently begin production of a podcast (online radio show) and would love if you contributed a piece for use. I will be covering topics ranging from mysteries/paranormal/crime and am looking for moody music to use. I would give you credit both on air and on my website. If you are interested could you let me know at nighttimepodcast at I hope to hear from you!
Herman in The Netherlands  150920 21:39
I just started in may this year, but whoooow you know how to play, I order Dueling Banjos arr. for solo guitar :)
Way to difficult for me, but someday......maybe.........
Fagner Magalhães in Brazil  150911 5:32
I am trying to buy the tablature Magnolia music, but I can not .
is there any other way to purchase this tab ?

Thank you!
Jan Lindqvist in Sundsvall, Sweden  150907 8:39
Hej Martin,
Uppskattar din musik och gitarrspel. Har du någon turneplan/kalender där man kan se var och när du spelar? Vore kul att få möjlighet att lyssna live. Mvh/Jan
Janne Ericsson in Tyresö  150831 8:36
Hej Martin,

Hörde din verison av Ian Andersson, Another Christmans song. Fint spelat.
Har du den möjligen på TAB. Såg den inte på hemsidsan.

Tack på förhand
Janne E
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