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Claes Wennergren in Uppsala  150604 17:43
Min dotter Anna Wennergren gifter sig 19 september i Oscarskyrkan i Stockholm. Vi har länge beundrat ditt sätt att spela som är i världsklass. Om du har möjlighet skulle vi väldigt gärna vilja att du spelar ett par låtar i kyrkan.

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Claes Wennergren
Justin in South Carolina  150604 4:48
thanks so much for putting the licks back up Martin. I use to sit and run thru these for hours when you first put them up, YEARS AGO (2000)!!!! I cant believe its been that long, holly geez man. anyway thanks a million, got them printed out and put in there own 3 ring binder, never to be without again! LOL thanks for what you do, it really helps.

Jim Hicks in Northern California  150603 10:49
One of the guys that makes something so hard look so easy. As a musician much respect, as a guitar player fu.
Mark in USA  150529 19:09
Hi, Martin,

I would like to get your tab collection for Acoustics and was wondering if they are tabbed out to the CD or The video recording ? I can learn faster by watching videos so I was hoping that the tabs can be useful to me. Your playing is amazing, and I wonder if I can get there...? Thanks so much, Mark
Karl Poesl in Germany    150528 18:04
Hi Martin,

I would like to know the kind of strings/gauge you are using. It sounds to me like 0.11, but viewing your videos I guess 0.12

I appreciate your music very much. You´re one of the best and most individual gifted pickers - worldwide.

Thank you for ans answer!

Karl Poesl
Luis in Colombia  150522 3:11
By God, you are alien ... I heard many, many guitarists (Igor P., Kelly Valleau, Per-Olov K. and many more) but when I saw his videos, God, now I see a big difference: While they simply touch, they pressed the strings; you do speak the guitar, you cherish the ropes to leave a melody full of nuances and true dynamic. God tell me they learned to cherish ropes that way planet. Congratulate is little, you are a true GUITARIST !!!!!.

Welcome to my country someday.

From Colombia, thank you very much for giving us your talent.

Morthen in Helsinki    150514 1:11
Martin, touch! Feel good late at night with wine just watching you, not playing myself. To me you are that modern guy - sharer. Thanks! Im sure you rock too. Enjoy!

Morthen, Helsinki
David Hunter in Oxfordshire, England  150513 23:21
Hi Martin,

You must be tired of people praising your music and arrangements. I am afraid I am another fan - just love the way you express the music. Thank you.

One technical question - you use what seems to be a specific microphone rather than a pick up on your guitar(s).

Would you share with me the technical specification and manufacturer - I have just invested in a Parlour Guitar from Ted Allstrom.

Many thanks,

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