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Durel  in Slidell, Louisiana    150226 2:33

I've been looking over your site and really enjoying your videos. I've been playing guitar for over 45 years and its fulfilling to hear a player with your heart and talent. Thank you, you are a wonderful blessing.
john in usa indiana  150225 17:46

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your music. You bring a palatte of beautiful colors to fingerstyle guitar.
if ever your travels bring you to the US I'm there
God bless
dr john tackett
Iain Dawson in Glasgow  150225 1:30
Martin, is there any prospect of you visiting Scotland?

roberto  150220 11:21
Red cloud please I want the tablature also paying THANKS
Joan in Montana  150219 6:20
You are my hero! Thank you, thank you for sharing your tunings, what guitar you're playing, tabs, everything. Your videos are the reason I've just contacted Olav Loef to make a guitar for me, a special treat for my 65th birthday! Can't wait to get it and....your new cd in spring. You're the best and I am a fan forever.
Duncan in France  150218 18:03
Hi Martin,

Is there any way to purchase your fantastic arrangement of Whiter Shade of Pale?

Many thanks
Peter Bergmann in Germany  150214 13:40
Hello Martin! So deep feelings for rhythm. There are so many happy feelings inside me to hear this. i've found your foggy mountain in yt. absoluty a fine joke and perfect played. so direct the cd was ordered in amazon. thank you for your music. sorry about my bad english....
best wishes for you many success for you!!

Bill Wollen in USA  150212 21:18
Hello Martin

printed tab for "whiter Shade of Pale" - please explain how to pick the harmonics with right hand - have watched you play on video several times, but can't tell for sure how you are doing it

Thanks, Bill
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