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jacques in France (Bretagne)  150212 2:34
Hi from France, I like yours interpretations of country music , bluegrass and the rose.Thank you for downloadables tablatures. A next visit on youtube or on your website. Bye

Bonjour de France, j'aime bien vos interprétations des morceaux de country et de bluegrass, j'ai adoré the rose. Je vous remercie pour les tablatures téléchargeables. A une prochaine visite sur youtube ou sur votre site. Bonne continuation
Marcio and Eliane in BRAZIL  150209 22:06
Your guitar arrangments are beautiful Congratutations.
Marcio and Eliane from Brazil
Chad Fengel in USA    150207 12:52
Hi, Martin. I am thinking of ordering a Åstrand guitar. I just recently learned about him, and the prices are great right now. No doubt they will go up! I was just wondering if you could give me your thoughts on his guitars if you don't mind? I would be going with an OM for sure. Thanks, and keep all those great vids coming. I have the TAB for Foggy Mtn..but I'm still too scared to attempt it :)
roberto  150206 13:21
Karl in England  150203 1:30
Hi Martin

You are an excellent player and I love watching your videos! Recently I've been listenening to a lot of Jerry Reed. I was wondering if you would be able to give me a little insight into the most common chords that Jerry uses. Or maybe you have some material on Jerry's work?

pierre degroisse in france (valenciennes)  150201 11:36
good morning Martin suces me for my english
i like very much your music and your work congratulations!
i would buy somes tabs (magniola, duelings bandjo) how to on your site?
i don't find any list to choice?
and in your CD have you explanation?

thank for your answer Pierre
Hayden Stephens in United States  150128 8:47
Hello. I just wanted to say that after I watched your video of amazing grace, I had to buy your CD! I also bought one for my granddad, who is also a guitarist and he hasn't stopped talking about you since.... He listens to your CD EVERYDAY and talks about you every time I see him. We love what you do with a guitar and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy it. BTW, look up Joe Robinson when you get the chance, he is a guitar player whose style is very similar to yours.
Carlos in Glasgow  150127 5:28
Hi Martin, amazing songs and amazing sound, just wondering if you could send me the open string lick tab to my mail cos I am struggling with the Freight Train tab and the link for the lick seems not to work anymore, I would really appreciate it cos I recently purchased the tab on your site and want to learn it properly. Cheers
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