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Christian in Nürnberg  170504 21:19
hi martin,
I want to buy the tabs of your version :
tears in heaven
is it possible?
best regards
Travis Williams  in Ardmore  170412 23:20
Hi Martin. I truly love and appreciate your music. Have you heard of CAAS (THE CHET ATKINS APPRECIATION SOCIETY )? I will talk to Mark Pritcher about you. It would be great if you could make it as a performing guitarist. Cheers Travis Williams TRAVIS GUITARS.
Louis in seattle  170410 5:00
Hi Martin, I enjoy your playing. Do you have tabs for your version of Jiffy Jam? Keep em coming! Lou
Luis Montoya in Colombia  170404 5:19
Dear Martin.

Could you please tell me which equipment you use to amplify your guitar.

Thank you very much.
Erwin Klarenbeek in The Netherlands  170401 2:08
Dear Martin,

My guitar teacher and I really like your tabs and we play lots of your tabs. I wonder if you will make the tab 'tears in heaven' available for purchase from your latest album. I enjoy your version and I would like to learn that one.

Keep up the great work!
Dave in Sacramento  170329 7:43

I salute you, sir.....!!

The peace you've brought to many through the love of this instrument cannot be repaid other than with an attitude of gratitude

Again - I salute you, sir....!!
Don Ruvolis in Tucson, Arizona USA  170323 2:27
Martin, Wanted to thank you, only learned one song "Amazing Grace" so far. It took me several years as
i started playing to rehabilitate my hands after a horseback accident damaged my spinal cord. It has worked as do my hands again. Means the world to me, thanks again--Don
Fortini in Italy  170322 12:39
Dear martin ....i want to play like you (hope one day) that so i have purchase an your tab collection but I haven't recive the link to download the file.....can you send me that? The number of order is Acoustics TAB collection
Oggetto n°: 1432771
Number of recive is 3440-0470-3917-3102
If you have any dubth I can send you the mail recive frome paypal....thx and sorry form my english
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