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Misha Konstantinov in Ukraine  140828 19:46
How do you do mr.Martin? )
philip reeves in Stoke on trent, England, UK  140825 19:06
Hi, I've just purchased all 3 of yihr albums and they are excellent! I've also purchased some of you tab which is great too. Really good stuff. Would you ever look at putting together a tablature music book with yiur songs in off these albums. Would be a great help and helps keep all your music together in one place on my shelf. Or allow a bulk buy on tab. Just adds. I like mark hanson books too. Would be great to see on off your like his. A tution book for intermediate to advanced players. Marks books tend to be big inners to intermediate.
Nige in England   140819 21:16
Hi Martin

I found you a few years ago on Youtube and gave been a fan of your playing ever since. I've now started to learn some of your great arrangements. You're a great influence and inspiration.

Guest  140817 5:50
couldn't find your tab of the claw on your website. can you direct me where I can purchase the tab that you are playing.
Jack Walsh in Stoke On Trent  140814 21:29
Hi Martin,have you done the tabs for Freight Train
that is pure genius!
Fritz Biederstadt in Virginia Beach, VA  140813 0:23

Love your music and style... I'm hooked on alternate finger style guitar since finding you on youtube and am working several of your arrangements. Thanks!

Question in two parts if I may...first I am looking for an alternate tuning (Dsus4, Open G) of Via Dolorosa. Do you know of a version in open tuning or have any plans to do an arrangement? Or what is a good approach for arranging an alternate tuning of a song? I have been trying to transpose a version by Billy Sprague and Niles Borop but can't seem to get it right. Tried other songs as well but I guess my music theory to too limited. Anyway thank again and in advance

R/Fritz Biederstadt
pat in kansas  140812 2:30
Hi Martin, do you have tab for another Christmas song? Thanks for your time, have a good day.
Ian in New York  140807 23:23
Hey I was wondering if you would be interested in selling a transcription of your arrangement of Another Christmas Song by Jethro Tull? I have been looking for an arrangement for quite a while and have been unable to find anything. Im a huge Tull fan and would love to add this to my repitoire.
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