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DOBRENEL in BON ENCONTRE  170207 21:34
Hello Martin !
Can I have a contact with you for working together?
Gary Douglas in Mermaid Waters  170203 4:28
Hi Martin. Been listening to the CD you sent me - Acoustics - You have my praise for your outstanding playing however you really nailed it with my wife, who doesn't listen to music, when she said "Who is that? It's really good". What I mean by that is, your playing stood out for her significantly compared to music I usually listen to. There may be hope for her yet!
Mike Ferguson in El Paso, Texas  170131 23:16
Hello from the sunny Chihauhuan desert where it's 60 degrees in the dead of winter. Mostly. I love your work. Your arrangements are enviable, to say the least. I wonder what it would take to get you to tab out and/or do a youtube lesson on Jiffy Jam? Assuming I ever get past the intro.
Ariana Shipman in Auckland, New Zealand    170126 2:26
Hello Martin,

I am currently working on a live, interactive dance show for children. We are looking at doing 'itsy bitsy spider' and were considering using your version in our show. I was wondering if you would give us license to use your version in our show?

Love your work,
Gregory Klassen in Ontario, Canada  170124 21:26

First of all, you're a boss. I've been learning your songs for years, I absolutely love your arrangements! I've finally mustered the courage to learn Foggy Mountain Breakdown, and It's coming along.

I have to say though, I'm really enjoying Jiffy Jam and am thoroughly disappointed you don't have a tab up, other than for the intro. You have at least one fan and avid listener who would love to take a crack at it, but I need your help.

Keep playing, you're an inspiration to us lesser guitarists! A special thanks for the effort you put into writing music as well!

Warmest regards,
Nick in NYC, NY, USA  170121 5:08

My deepest thanks for your free tabs.Im a guitar enthusiast, entering my intermediate phase of learning - those darn barre chords!

I find your music amazingly inspiring and love your arrangements of some of my faves from the '60's and '70's. I'm almost done learning The Rose- quite a challenge for me.

One song I've always admired was Dan Fogelberg's Same Auld Lang Syne. I've searched high and low to find a fingerstyle arrangement in TAB but have failed to do so. Google says a lot of people search as well. Aside from hearing your unique arrangement, I thin it could ne a great revenue oppotunity fo you. I happily pay to learn that song and I;m many others would follow.

Thanks for sharing yur talents andgift for arranging great music.
Joe Lewis in Clearwater, FL  170120 21:50
Hey Martin,

I really appreciate you making the tabs available. I'm a electric blues player primarily, but have recently ventured into flatpicking and fingerstyle. I love what you're doing and hope to make my own arrangements one day. Have you considered doing any Hendrix tunes? That would be something! Hope you make it to Clearwater soon. I'll be in the front row.

Take care,
Peter Greenhalgh in Tyresö  170120 16:20
Hi Martin

Your inspirational steel stringed guitar playing makes me want to give it serious try. I have been playing classical guitar for about six years now and really enjoy it. I've tested a few steel stringed guitars and found the biggest difference to be the narrower neck making the strings closer together. There are a few steel stringed guitars out there that have wider necks . So my question is
- are there any disadvantages fingerpicking on a guitar with a neck width similar to a classical guitar ?

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