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Gary Leva in California     161216 8:16
Hello Martin,

I knew James Horner. He would have loved your gorgeous arrangement for MY HEART WILL GO ON. I miss him very much, but would love to have tab for this piece so I could remember him every time I play it.

You're a remarkable artist. Much respect, my friend.

Gary Leva
BALAJ EUGEN in Reghin  161214 10:30
Matt Slavik in Menlo Park, CA    161213 21:37
Hi, Martin.

I hope that you are happy and well and that everything is proceeding beautifully for you. I also hope that you're staying warm. (I don't think that the average Californian, like me, for example, would be able to adapt easily to the Swedish climate!)

I wanted to mention a tune called "Barney's Blues" that has been a long-time favorite of mine. It's by the late, great jazz guitarist Barney Kessel and is a classic example of a simple, bluesy American jazz tune from the 1950's. You can hear it at

One of the great parts of the tune is the head that Barney plays at 0:13. With your extraordinary chord-melody skills, I think that you could really go to town (is that an expression used in Sweden?)

I realize that "Barney's Blues" falls into a more mainstream jazz category than most of your repertoire, but I can easily visualize your playing and videoing it.

One editorial note on the arrangement: I think that we can all feel fortunate that the oboe never made it as a mainstream jazz instrument!

BTW, the lick you pull off at 0:33 on "Foggy Mountain" is certainly among the very best I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot of guitar!

Best to you,

Matt Slavik
Menlo Park, CA
David Hunter in East Hendred, Oxfordshire  161213 13:04
Hi Martin,

I would love to try one of your many tabs but they look way outside my skill base.
Am aiming towards Dueling Banjos and How Great Thou Art.
Have you any tabs that you would suggest I start?

Bill Austin in Bainbridge Island, WA USA  161210 0:12
Hi Martin, Just received all your albums! Thanks so much for the quick response, I love them all! Wondering if you are planning to put out some tab for Lucid Dream, a very fun song. All your music is so well appreciated. i am a semi-luthier (just starting into this career at the ripe young age of 65) Hoping to achieve the clarity and warmth of sound coming from all your work. You are an inspiration.
Sam Rogers in Maywod, ILUSA  161207 2:58
Love your playing! I was wondering if I could buy the tab for "Another Christmas Song". I see it in your collections, but the collection is a lot for me to learn.

Jonathan Nilsson in Luleå  161204 17:59
Kan man inte köpa ditt Album ''Don't fret'' på vanlig skiva? Hade velat skänka den till min far.
Peter König-Kreutzer in Lennestadt    161204 14:18
Hi Martin,
can you send me the tab from a wonderful world by mail?
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