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Tim Shaw in Arizona, USA 161111 0:23
Martin -

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your music and talent! I was really excited to learn that you just released new content after Cool Waters. Thanks for all you do - please keep the music coming!
RJ Trede in USA/Germany/China  161110 3:16
Hi Martin,

I'd like to order your pdf file of the album containing "A Whiter Shade of Pale".

I really dislike using a capo, so would play it in standard tuning. It appears from your YouTube video the fingerings are in G (but capoed up a couple of frets.)

My question is this... Does the tab and standard notation in the PDF file reflect the notes and chords being played in G... or A (the capoed version).

I just don't want to have to transpose all the material back to "standard tuning".

Beautiful arrangement... Thanks!

RJ (Robert)
Luis Montoya in Colombia  161107 16:20
Hi, dear Tallstrom.

For me, you are ET, His technique is spectacular. That equipment used to sound so, plesae.


From Colombia, Luis.
sunaj in California  161104 4:33
Hey Martin,
love your new stuff,
do you have your arrangement of Foggy Mt Breakdown available for purchase?
I decided it would be a great tune for my shows,
love what you did with it,
Thanks a lot
Coarsegold, Ca. USA
Barry Stover in Georgia, United States    161102 3:46
Martin, stumbled into your picking this week. Can't believe I have not heard you. I'm a novice guitar picker, almost 62 yrs old. I love finger pickig and heard Tommy Emmanual a few times. I can play some easy ones like Windy and Warm or Frieght Train but wonder how you learned. All by ear and practice? or did you take lessons. I play by ear but considering finding a way to improve. Not sure at my age if I can get really good but figure I could get decent. I like Doyle Dykes playing and you play great. Any ideas on where to start? just youtube and learn? or find a finger picker to teach me? It you ever come to Atlanta Ga area I'll bring my wife to hear you, maybe some of my grown chirdren too! God Bless
Vladimir  161101 10:48
Hello Martin,
I love your great sound and arrangements.
I see at your e-shop only 3 albums (I already have all of them), while there are more albums at Apple Music. I prefer to own CDs, not MP3.
Will it be possible to buy the others CDs too ?
Trevor in Tasmania  161101 7:34
Hi martin.
Love your arraingements and playing.
I have been trying to download the mp3 album Acoustics but cannot find an Australian market.
Am I able to buy direct from you?

keep putting the music out there, it's great.

Chantry in Utah, USA 161026 22:21
I ran across your arrangement of Foggy Mountain Breakdown; I am so impressed by your speed an accuracy. Definitely a fan now!
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