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Jens Michow  170115 14:44
Dear Martin,

I came accross your music just a couple of months ago. It is just topping eveything I heard and also all of my "teachers" so far like DanCHolloway, huitar tricks or Kelly Valleau! Just tought myself your versions of "Whiter Shade" and "He ain't heavy". Great stuff! Just bought three record of you by itunes. I even approached Olav Loev because I like to order a Guitar from him and will fly to Finland for that as soon as my time allows that.

I approach you not only to "thank you for the music" but I would love to purchase your tabs of `"Tears in heaven", which I cna't find on your homepage. Any chance to buy that?

Love to attend one of your concerts...

Best regards and keep on swinging,
Jens Michow

Javier in Valencia (Spain, Europe)  170114 20:27
Hello Martín.
I like very much your another christmas song's arrangement for fingerpstyle guitar (Ian Anderson) but I don't found it in your web site. Where can I to buy it!


andreas in california  170111 16:10
Love all your music, but I'm particularly interested in your Baritone guitar. Do you have a record that features the Baritone?

thank you,
Norris Lozano in Malibu California  170102 6:49
Martin - silky smooth playing.

Do you have any instructional material to share your natural flowing picking style

Spyder Riley in toronto  170101 18:21
Happy New Year Martin!
Just wanted to tell you that my Annual Christmas playlist began and ended your joyful "Another Christmas Song"
It was very well received by all and I was thrilled to share it with family and friends.

All the best in 2017
Guest 161223 4:54
Hello Martin
Just want to thank you for the wonderful music and the inspiration you are to me to keep on picking. Merry Christmas from Anchorage, Alaska Blayde Boyd
François Prégent in Longueuil  161221 20:53
I'm a big fan of your guitar playing. Love your sound.
Gerd Unger in Sinsheim  161217 16:16
HiHo Martin - i bought your last 2 Cd's - incredible work - fine music :-) - we love it !!
Have a merry christmas and a happy new year 2017
All the best from the wild south of germany
Gerd Anna y Lunita
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