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Bo Li in china    160321 5:27
Hello, I come from China.I really like your music,Haven't found my heart will go on guitar spectrum,So could you please tell me where I can find you.
David Hunter in Oxfordshire, UK  160313 21:44
I was inspired to acquire a Astrand Guitar from Ted Astrand and went through a bespoke process to choose woods and accessories for the guitar - I went with a Palour version - inspired by your amazing talent.
Now the difficult question - can you recommend a few of your songs/tabs that a beginner to intermediate should tackle - or do you have "uncomplicated" versions of some of your advanced songs.
Great work and like the new look web site.
Mark Mehlos in Merrill WI  160310 3:00
I am slowly working through the two collections that I purchased from you, wow. I am currently working on "Help me make it through the night." you have definitely picked some of my most favorite melodies! I am lucky to have a custom acoustic sinker redwood top, along with Wenge back and sides, and when your songs are combined it is always a magic feeling. Thanks again for your great work, your songs have brought so much joy to my life! Mark Mehlos
Paulo in Brazil  160308 13:22
Great song, man!!!!
Charles in NB Canada  160224 21:44
Hi Martin,
I want to tell you I enjoy your guitar playing. Very tasteful and skillful. I'm also a guitarist and have taught and performed on classical guitar for many years though I'm entering retirement I have begun to play on acoustic guitar. I'm in the early stages of learning but I am enjoying the sound and tone of an acoustic. Your videos have been of great help so I thank you for producing them. I have a question. Are you using Takamine guitars in the videos and if so what models, what videos and if you're not what guitars makes are you using?
Charles Peckham
chris in netherlands  160222 11:14
Hello martin,

Recently i found your tabs of a whiter shade of pale. Great how you can keep the mood of the song alive in the fingerstyle version. I'm trying to do the same. I,'ve found more great music of you on you tube. I'd love to play lying eyes the way you do. Are there tabs available of your version.

justin in Australia  160218 8:34
Hi Martin,
Thank you so much for your beautiful creations. I am a fellow finger style guitarist and have just stumbled across you and am so delighted to have done so. I love the melodic slow ballet style playing, it's totally in resonance with my passion.
Hey martin I was wondering, your interpretation of "Angel" is fantastic and I would love to know how I can access tab for it.

Thank you in advance martin and I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Justin Potts

P.S you may want to check our Melville Guitars, a local Luthier here made guitars for Tommy Emmanuel etc. I have one and it is simply glorious.
Joe Morgan in Yorktown, VA USA  160214 19:43
Hi Martin,
Love your playing. Any chance of a Christmas album?
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