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Damian in Ocean City , MD  151102 1:27
Hi Martin!
Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I enjoy your playing. I stumbled on to you on youtube and was amazed by your fluid and economical style. I think you might be the most economic player I've ever seen... Your fingers barely seem to move while you're spewing out a barrage of lightening fast notes. How do you do that, man? Oh, also you had me fooled...I figured you were a Nashville session guy and just learned you're from Sweden?

Keep the great stuff coming, friend!
Mark Dennis in Chester, United Kingdom    151101 11:31
Hi Martin, Really great to find you on You tube, I totally love the sensitivity in your playing & what a wonderful tone :0) - I am totally stunned with the sounds from your guitar/ fingers. I think finding your site could cost me a lot of money in 2016 - I have 'had' to visit Ted Astrand's site. FABULOUS Instruments. Is the the Rode the NT1? What reverb do you use? I suspect TC 4000, may be wrong, I would love to know, Really look forward to visiting your site on a regular basis, big thanks for sharing your playing Mark :0)
Brian in Tasmania, Australia  151029 10:59
Hi Martin. I love your music. I tried to buy your tab collection for Cool Waters, but each time I went to purchase with Paypal i kept getting a "Sorry, can't proceed" page from Paypal. I haven't had a problem like this before when using Paypal, which I do quite often. I'm not sure what I should do, and would appreciate any advice or help. Cheers, Brian.
Trevor G. in Virginia USA  151021 4:11
Dear Martin,
Your music alone has restored my faith in music today. Being a guitar player myself, I have been wanting to hear a cetain song, covered by a player of your caliber. Someone who can express beauty in their music. The song is Angel by Sarah McLachlan. If you could find the time to post a video of this song I would be beyond elated.

Thanks: Trevor
Danny  in London  151013 21:39
Hi Martin

Will you be doing tabs for Jatten Jorms sang/Dunderklumpen? That's a great tune. Thanks a lot. Take care.

Lon in Capistrano Beach, CA  151012 2:21
Hi Martin,
I have been playing off and on for 45 years. Never any good really, but I just love it.
Going through a rough time after a divorce 6 years ago I found your website and it brought me back. Brought me some focus and some peace.
I trailed off over the past couple of years, but returned last week to your website, downloaded a few tabs, and you're bringing back to the thing I love most all over again. Thank-you.
Art Umble in Broomfield, CO  151006 23:07
HI Martin,
Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you for the wonderful music you have shared with the music community. I have thoroughly loved your music and the style. Thank you too for all the free TABs, as I've taken great advantage of these to build my own skills and to have great music to share with others. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you playing live at some point.
Cheers, Art
chalayer in france  151005 16:03

this is my way to say hello to a so good guitar player
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