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Didi Kahlau in Bremen, Germany  150624 23:59
Hi, Martin,

I play guitar for a long time but just have started to play acoustic. Much fun. Also started with DADGAD. Much more fun. But - I´m unlucky with my sound. Do you think it´s possible to tell me, what tools you are using (reverb a.s.o.)? Would be very nice and could help me to get better.
And - are you in Germany next time?
roland in Bechtoslheim    150619 1:44
Greetings Martin! What can I say. You are such an amazing musician and big influence to many of us. Great tone and you are recognized by a single note you play. Like B.B.King, Larry Carlton or Clapton....a real signature sound and playing. Thanks for being so genreous and making your music accessible. Take good care. Best, Roland
Shawn  in New Hampshire,US  150617 18:30
Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy your guitar playing. I hope you come to the US and play so we can all get a chance to enjoy your music live.

Take care,
Matthew in Denver  150617 0:31
Hi, your music is great and I would love to learn to play more like you. Do you have some suggestions on which of your TABs (both free and purchase) are easier? A couple of them have a difficulty listed in the description and it would be great if you could include that for all of them. Thanks. Keep up the great playing!
Connor in England  150610 13:33
Helllo Martin!

I came across your Chanel and instantly fell in love with your music. I honest cannot believe I didn't come across you earlier.

Anyway, I'm 15 years old and also play guitar. I grew up listening to Tommy, Chet and other well known musicians. I have had the joy of playing with Tommy a few times now.
A hobby that I have had for much longer than playing guitar, is web design. I was just going to offer that I make you a website. Not for my profit, just because I love your music.

I have expertise in:

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
DRY development techniques, allowing you to post new tabs easily.
Fast ECommerce, allowing users to quickly receive their purchase easily with no waiting.
Responsive design, which makes your website useable for all device types: Tablets, Mobile, Desktops and high resolution displays.

It was just a friendly offer.
Hope you can take it into consideration

Keep picking!
Tim Clotworthy in Wash DC  150609 15:25
I paid for a tab collection the other day (6/5) with PayPal. I see that account has checking account has bee debited, but I have not been provided a way to download the collection. This was an eCheck.
Bill Rigsby in Great Republic of Texas  150608 4:43

Thanks for putting a place on your website that allows a personal touch to this exchange. So many people just treat everything by the numbers, I appreciate having the opportunity to simply say 'Thanks'. You have put a lot fo time and effort into this work and I appreciate it.

I have been playing guitar for over 30 years and have just recently discovered your work. Phenomenal gift you have, sir! I have purchased two of your albums, Cool Waters and CD Acoustics, as well as both collections of tabs. I look forward to spending some time in your work in the coming weeks and to learning from you.

Thanks again for the inspiration!

Brian Bromberek in Indianapolis, IN   150604 20:47
First time visiting your site.... really like your acoustic arrangements...thx for sharing your talent. You have motivated me to learn some great tunes.

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