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richard wright in england   150509 12:00
hello martin,
i have tried to buy the tab for freight train. I was unable to do this as i live in England and your website will not post this out to me! is there any way that I can receive the tab for this piece? either via electronic copy or post?
Please email me back at Thanks.
Anthony Bennett  150507 2:45
Anthony Bennett

I believe I bought your man of constant Sorrow Tab some time ago but lost the file and can't find the confirmation email. Are you able to check your records for me to see if I can download the Tab again?


tom bell in Concord, New Hampshire  150505 3:23
Hello Martin, Would love to get the tab for LA Blues. Really enjoy your music - compositions as well as your beautiful touch and tone. Nice.
Blayde Boyd in Homer, Alaska  150427 20:02
I want you to know that your music is an inspiration to me. I love to play the guitar and your tabs are helping me to move to a higher level of playing. I see the joy in your face when you play and that is what it is all about. Thank you, sincerely, Blayde Boyd
John Overton in Houston  150416 15:28
Hi Martin, Some years back I purchased the "dueling Banjos" tab from you and learned about half the song before life pulled me away... I am finallly at a point where I want to tackle this great song again but it seems to have disappeared off of my hard drive. Any chance you could send me another for free?

PS I would like to purchase "Freight Train" .

Thank you !
John Overton
Houston , Texas
paola in Italy  150413 8:21
Dear Martin,
I just want to thank You for your magic music, I watch You evrytime I need some beauty. I play guitar myself and you are my teacher online.
thank You again and don't ever stop

Scott Fischer in Rockdale, TX  150406 22:27
Hello Martin - Really enjoy your stuff! Thinking about purchasing some tab. I am a fairly experienced player, but new to finger picking. I am working on Freight Train, but wondered what would be best for me to start on, at my level. I have an understanding of the chord theory, but am a beginner at the mechanics of this style. Thanks for your help.
Joan in Montana, USA  150404 6:18
Hello Martin, Have received the new cd and am enjoying it immensely. Good work and thank you. Also just purchased a guitar from Olav Loef and what a joy it is. Wondering if you have a particular capo that you would recommend?
Best, Joan
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