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Steve Douglass in Colorado  150403 21:36
I just saw you play your updated veraion of Freight Train. Since Chet Atkins has passed there is nobody out there distributing the Certified Guitar Player distinction to deserving players. However, if there were a place where I could recommend you to the guitar playing public, I would be happy to do so !!!!!
Janne in Stockholm  150325 17:36
Hej Martin,
Var i kontakt med Emil Ernebro i gbg som rekommenderade dig.

Undrar om du ger gitarrlektioner?

Du spelar fantastiskt.
Hör gärna av dig

Mvh Janne Ericsson
Darin in West Virginia U.S.  150313 22:34
Very excited about you new CD (and the Tab !). Quick question: when you use a thumb pick do you always use the one that's filed down, as shown in your photo gallery?
Klaus Eber in Regensburg/Germany  150311 17:23
Hi Martin

I NEED YOUR new CD. Please write me an e-mail concerning ordering. I don`t use paypall.
Will write you back how I think to do the deal.

Best wishes
Luke French in England  150304 14:50
Hi Martin,

I learnt your arrangements of amazing grace and forever young while back now, but have once again come across your amazing arrangements. I really think you are one of the most unique fingerstyle guitarist's out there, your arrangements have something about them that i just cant find elsewhere! 'Another Christmas Song' is one of my favourites, and i'd love the opportunity to learn it for myself if you are ever able to provide the tabs. Thank you for your great music.

Kurt in Germany  150301 12:12
Hi Martin !
It's unbeliveable, famous, great. I've seen foggy mountain on YT. Please offer an purchase tabs incuding right hand.
You re the best
sorry for my english
Christopher in New York, USA  150227 15:49
Hi Martin,
Wonder if you can help me out with your experience with Loef guitars? Tera in particular. I would like a fan fret in my collection. I love your videos with Tera and all Loef guitars for that matter. I have been in touch with Olav and have been considering a similar guitar to Tera. I own a few Martins and Taylors. I find that I like 12 Fret, short scale necks but must have a cutaway. My favorite guitar right now is a custom shop Martin 000-18 Adi/hog. Second is a Taylor 512ce, 12 fret short scale with Cedar/Hog. My question to you concerning Tera: If you were to have Olav build you a Tera what Tonewoods would you use and would you request a 12 or 13 fret neck? Thanks so much for great videos, CD's and Tabs.
Charlie in Prescott, Arizona USA    150227 15:05

Thank you so much for the music. I listen often and as musician, well it is humbling to hear your work. What a blessing.

Let me ask you, have you ever been commissioned to write a piece for any particular cause? I work for an international relief and development organization where we serve about 9 million of the world's poorest people every year. We go to the most difficult places and work to help the impoverished become self-sufficient and healthy. (Our website is posted above.)

I would love to talk to you if you have any desire to write music that could perhaps compliment our work.

Thank you for your attention and again, for the music.

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