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Robin in Sweden  150125 13:05
Hello Martin !

I fell in love with your appendix 1 for whiter shade of pale (its like a "whiter shade of martin" ) and I have been searching for a tab but cant seem to find it anywhere...

I am now learning your original arrangement for the song and would love to add that little knorr to it.

If you could mail me the tab or something? It would be greatly appreciated!

Ha det gött och tack för all inspiration

/Robin :-)
david devine in brewster  150109 23:48
Just discovered your site-cool stuff. You have a great feel for the music. keep on. David Devine
Phil Campbell-Enns in Winnipeg  150106 3:58
Hi Martin,

With such beautiful music, sensitive interpretation, and fantastic tone, I'm almost embarrassed to ask my technical question.
Along with your great musicality I'm also a fan of your simple, clean video and great sound on the Youtube videos.
Can you walk me through your video and audio setup?


George in Huston Texas   141228 21:13
Beautiful arrangements.
Can I purchase an arrangement of Lyin Eyes?
Bill Lingelbaugh in Pennsylvania, USA  141225 17:18
Happy Holidays Martin.
I wish you, your family and friends the very best of the best.
Charlie Tardibuono in USA - Arizona    141223 17:49
Greetings Martin!

Let me ask, do you ever perform in concert anywhere? I am the Chief Information Officer for an international relief and development organization called, Food for the Hungry. We serve millions 9 million this year) of the poorest people in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, each year. We spend years with the poorest to help build strong communities and raise people out of poverty. I would like to ask you if you would want to participate in our work through your music. I have a simple idea that could benefit both of us, you and Food for the Hungry; if you are interested.

Please don't feel obligated.

No matter, thank you so much for your music and Merry Christmas!

Theodoros Dahlem in Berlin / Germany    141222 9:41
Hi Martin,
I really enjoy listening to your music very much. However I do miss viewing a total view of you while you're playing. Your face is almost always not visible. I think you're an interesting person and to me it would certainly add greatly to the material if I could see your mimik too. Just a thought and all IMO.
Thank you so much for sharing your great great music, really love it.
Best regards
Juanqui  in Spain  141220 21:27
Hi Martin. I am a fan of yours and here I am practicing your work Dueling Banjos. Thanks for offering your teachings as not all professionals do. I wanted to tell if you've ever thought about doing the version of Cannonball Rag makes Travis in black and white. This is the solo guitar fast but adding low, ie fingerstyle turn that part too. No one has done but I know you could. I think everyone would like to have that job. Thank you very much again because you're a gentleman. Happy New Year and good health.
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