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Paddy in Ireland  141102 4:36
I'd like you to check out my guitars Martin if you ever get a chance
Massimo   141101 13:15
Bravissimo!!! Sei un grande!!!
Nige Haynes in England    141027 13:08
Hi Martin

I've been a fan of your work for a few years now. I've just decided to concentrate my efforts more on fingerstyle guitar and less on the rock and 50s rock & roll bands that I'm in.

My starting point was to go back to my saved arrangements for your site. I could find most of them but I not The Claw, nor Jerrys Breakdown. I can't remember if I paid for The Claw or if it was free at that time. My email address back then was If you can trace me for back then, over 6 years ago, please could I have another copy of your arrangement.

I'm working on a website to share my journey learning fingerstyle guitar. The first video up will be my poor rendition of your arrangement of The Rose. I video'd it to show how poorly I play at the start of this journey and to share it with other people just starting out.

Keep up the great work


By the way would you mind if my new site has a link to your site?
Dan in Texas  141024 1:03

Is the tab for your version of The Claw available?

Al in Spain 141023 10:45
Thanks for your soul.
wukai in china  141020 14:11
hi ,love your video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mertin in New Zealand  141018 4:13
Hi Martin

I really love your version of A Whiter Shade of Pale and play my I tunes version a lot. I am about to sart learning it and just saw that you have a You Tube video with Appendix A. I was just wondering if there was tab for this as I presume the tab on your website doesn't cover this. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful songwriting, arranging and guitar playing.


Dave Bosko in Santa Clara California  141016 22:18
Love what you do Martin! I just got done gorging on your youtubes and tabs.... I need to go lay down now.

All the best!

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