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mac wilson in Nashville, TN  140805 2:47
Hey Martin:
Mac Wilson here in Nashville, TN. I am the business of working with great guitarists. I am really impressed with your playing especially impressed with your interpretation of the Rose, Freight Train, Jerry's breakdown etc.. Tell me did you write The Road that Leads Back Home? I would love to hear more of the vocals on this song. It is really well done.
Patrik Tammelin in Sweden    140803 14:31
Hej Martin!
Det är både roligt och inspirerande att se och höra dig spela. Jag ser att du spelar en hel del på Loef-gitarrer. Jag har gått i tankarna att beställa en gitarr av Olav så småningom. Hur skulle du beskriva hans gitarrer? Ser att du också har en maton. Hur skulle du jämföra Loef, Maton och Martin-gitarrer? Med vänlig hälsning, Patrik
Dennis in los angeles  140802 6:48
Hi Martin, I just wanted you to know that you have been an inspiration to me and that my playing has improved because of your beautiful arrangements.
Steven in Scotland  140801 19:41
Hey Martin, I remember a few years back you had some fantastic free licks you could access through Real Player, where did they go ?

If you still have them, I would love to purchase them from you, just name your pirice ?


Stay Inspired
Thomas W. Rice in United States  140725 20:05
Colonel Robert M. Chiaramonte served for 33 years with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The last ten years he served as the Superintendent. He is 93 years old and has congestive heart failure. He has asked me to arrange his funeral. I am requesting your permission to play your rendition of Amazing Grace at his funeral service.

Thank you,
Thomas W. Rice
Raffaele in Canada  140723 15:32
WOW great playing!!!! Would you happen to have your full Foggy Mountain Breakdown arrangement available for sale?
Thank you!
Ruud Durinck in Holland  140721 14:41
Hello martin,

i've got a little question about buying from your shop.
I want to buy the mangolia tab, but on the site they gave a error by my zip code. Is it possible to buy from holland?

Ruud Durinck
Jim Elander in Mpls Minnesota-USA  140719 5:51
Great playing! I have been looking all over for Jerry Reed TAB of Guitar Man ----I heard that you have a version ---can I get it ?

Jim Elander
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