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Julien in France  140717 11:09
You sir are awesome. I'm pretty sure that lot of people would like to hear from you an arrangement of Merle Travis "Nine pound hammer" !!!
Keep going !!!
Scott in Tennessee 140711 23:16
I cant stop listening to your music. The precision is amazing and your style is un-matched. I never have given much effort to the finger-picking style, but after watching you play I am certainly going to try it. Thanks for making someof these tabs available at no cost. Freight Train and Martin's rag are probably my 2 favorites! Keep posting videos to Youtube!
Mike  in Smerset, UK  140711 21:38
Hi Martin,
Fragrance from Heaven is a lovely piece, thank you. Can I purchase the track from somewhere?
Todd Stark in Berkeley, CA  140705 0:22
Hi Martin - I really enjoy your work and own two of your albums (and I'm planning to purchase one of your tabs right now!). You're very talented and provide me with great inspiration to be a better player. Thanks for all your contributions to music and acoustic guitar.

All the best,

Todd Stark
Casey in Perth  140630 11:09
Hi Martin, love your arrangment of lyin eyes. Hope you post it on your site one day or possibly even email a link. A great piece.
Arthur in Germany  140630 0:29
Dear Martin,

you did a wonderful job with your fingerstyle version of "Lyin' eyes" (Eagles). Could you please sende me the tabs (pdf and Pro Tab)?
Thanks in advance, Arthur
Unersinkia in Sinzberg    140629 12:14
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Guest in Germany 140625 20:26
nice music! best homepage and tabs for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have looking for this long long time! and this was my best germanenglish;-)
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