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Jim Elander in Minneapolis Minnesota-USA  140615 6:01
I read that you have "tabbed" Jerry Reed's "Guitar Man" ---i have been looking for it forever! Can I get it from you ? Can you send it to me ? Can i buy it from you ? ----I hope it is the way Jerry played and sang it solo and NOT the ELVIS or other version(s) of it ---can't figure it out and I really want to learn it...

Jim Elander
Doug in Chilliwack  140612 21:47
Hi Martin, I was just referred to your site by a musical friend. LOVE the arrangements I have heard--He Ain't Heavy takes your breath away. Thank you for putting yourself "out there"!
Joe Broadway in Albemarle N C  140608 0:46
Mr. Tallstrom let me just say Wow man you sure can play! I can't stop listening to your rendition of Amazing Grace. Just to let you know, I was feeling down missing my Dad until I heard you play Amazing Grace on youtube. You helped me start to remember to good times and got my mind off the bad. Thanks for sharing your music with us. God Bless.
conor  in omagh.northern ireland  140606 10:09
hello martin .i was wondering and i know its a big ask,but would it be possible to get you to tab your song by elton or wind of change by scorpions and put them on you tube its im not a cheap skate but more time factor thing.playing guitar bout 10 years and really enjoyed learning man of con sorrow couldnt do all of it but will get there.must say your style is great on all blues and bluegrass type stuff and ill bet your song or wind of change would fascinate me nevermind anybody else.if cant is o.k. but if i dont ask i wont get. even on your site wud be great
Toon van Mil in Holland    140530 11:26
Can you tell me what you think of it please ??

Kind regards,
Dustin Trimble in Virginia, USA  140529 23:40
Mr. Tallstrom,

I am an active duty United States Air Force guitarist and I thought I would share with you a new web series that my good friend and fellow Air Force Bandsmen, TSgt Bennett Weidemann, is producing, called "Sessions At Crawford Hall" (the name of our rehearsal facility). There have been three episodes thus far and they have been very well-received.

The first episode was a feature on two of our youngest Airmen, both from Puerto Rico, performing a beautiful Spanish vocal/guitar duet.

The second was a feature on a close friend of mine, SSgt Aaron Weibe, as part of a trio performing an instrumental guitar tune. Both are fantastic and you can watch them at the link below.

I had the privilege of being a part of the third episode. I had a great time preparing for and shooting the episode and I sincerely hope you all enjoy it. Please feel free to share the video below with whomever you'd like and leave any comments or feedback you may have on the youtube page.

Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful week.

Very Respectfully,

SSgt Dustin Trimble
Marika Tallström in Tulln, Austria  140529 19:17
Hej Martin!
Jag älskar din musik! Vi ses snart :)
Shirley in UK  140529 1:35
Hi Martin, just thought I'd drop by and say how much I am enjoying learning your latest music, he ain't heavy, he's my brother. It's such a wonderful piece of music. I'd also like to know what the of thumb pick you yes. Is it metal or plastic. I'm not getting on too great with mine. It feels awkward and sounds terrible on the bass strings.

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