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James Brown in Canada    140508 14:38
Hi there, Mr Tallstrom. I have been studying the likes of chet atkins and tommy emmanuel for some time now and I think that is how I discovered your fingerstyle website. I absolutely love your arrangements, your touch and the recording quality you produce is great. Would you be so kind as to tell me a bit about your recording set up? What mics do you use? which program?

Thank you in advance, James
Ronee Roy in Kolkata, India  140505 9:47
Hi Martin

Just wanted to tell you that you are fantastic and an inspiration to all the new and upcoming pickers. Your rendition of Jerry Reed's The Claw is an absolute treat. Too much groove in that to dig. Thanks for the wonderful music.

I am a fingerstyle guitar player hailing from Kolkata, India. It would be great if you hear my arrangements too and leave a feedback. It will help me to develop my skills further. Here's my arrangement of Mancini's moon river.

Thank You


Ronee Roy
Antoine in France  140503 19:06
Hi congratulations for the arrangement of Ode to Billie Joe - may I ask if in the first measure you are using some percussions on the strings where the rest sign is written on the tab or is the tab perfectly accurate as i find it difficult to restitute what you are playing cheers Antoine
Robert Martinez - New Jersey  140430 16:18
Hey Martin ~ enjoying your music and spreading the word. I've been watching the Voice on NBC (US television) and I see a guy that looks just like you on guitar, is that you?? If so, they need to give you more camera time.

Best wishes,
Danny Coldwell in London  140424 19:47
Hi Martin

Lovely version of He Ain't Heavy. Will you be doing any tab for this? If not, can you tell me what the tuning is and I'll have a go myself.

All the best

Bill Martin in USA Florida    140416 17:00
Martin, I have a patent pending Acoustic Wire Bridge Truss I build into my RattleSnake Guitars. The sound I get from the changes made inside these instruments is unmatched. I would love to put one of my guitars in your hands.
Please respond and lets figure out how to do this, it will be at my expense of course. You have filled my shop with music as I work, and I would love to give you one of the best sounding guitars you could play.
Bill Martin
RattleSnake Guitar
PHone 239-470-5484
garry martin in usa, indiana    140412 15:26
martin you have so much talent,i smile every time i watch you play on your videos, such a professional,what a sound.wonder if you have tabs for San Antonio rose? cant find them. would love to here your version
Michael Wise in Arkansas  140409 4:29

I played guitar for 10 years before my Dad got really sick, and I quit. It was our thing. It wasn't the same without out him being able to take me to lessons or being able to really communicate with him about music. He held on strong for 18 years, but passed a year ago. Since he's passed, I've had a renewed passion for playing and have really embraced fingerpicking. Your music and arrangements have greatly fueled this renewed passion. Thank you so much for doing what you do. Words cannot express how much it means to some of us
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