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Claudio Barreiro in Switzerland    140330 22:50

This is only to say you I am here, listen your very very good performances and compositions.
Pasi in FInland  140330 18:14
Fin musik. Inspirerar mig att skaffa en bariton. Hur stämmer jag baritonen som har lägsta sträng 70 till Twin Peaks ? Tack
Klaus in Germany  140329 18:03
Hi Martin,
what a great performance of a great composition!!!
"Fragance of Heaven".
Should be on you NEXT CD :-)
Would like send Mihail some lines. (e-mail??)
Best wishes
Kristoffer in Malung  140324 13:26
Hej! Har du tabs på Hana?

Med vänlig hälsning, Kristoffer
Ruud Durinck in Holland  140321 18:27
I saw your last video and i really love it! So i decided to cover it :P. Hope you like it!
William MacVaine in Nieuwstadt-Netherlands    140319 21:16
Found your music on Facebook, and I love it, very great musical craftsmanship.............
love the way you play guitar.........
Michael Stranz in Osnabrück Germany  140319 20:41
Hei Martin, I would love to hear some news about your planned instructional DVD (your Tabs are already great)

If you stopped that project, maybe you step by in Germany to give a concert – German guitar player Peter Finger is organizing the shows and workshops.

vi ses,
Petra Hofferer in Austria    140317 22:16
Dear Martin
I found you today by chance on youtube looking for how to play "the rose" on guitar.
The way you play is deeply touching my heart.
Thank you for that.
Wish I could learn how to play like this.
You're blessed.

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