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Dan Lykke in Lyngby  140316 7:51
It is so beautiful arranged the Cristmassong. Dare I hope it will come to be avalible to purches... please Martin
The best regards.
steve  in Santa Monica  140316 6:06
Hi Martin,
I'm a big fan! Was wondering if you are going to put your "Fool About You" tabs up for purchase. Watched the video at least 25 times - would love to buy the tabs.
Many thanks,
Richard Caron in Canada!  140312 19:25
I've bought a number of your tabs - great arrangements! I'm sure you've been asked this and have answered many times before - so I apologize in advance - but how do you trigger those nice synth sounds in some of your recordings? Are you using a particular pedal or cakewalk setup? I've managed to produce something similar using a midi guitar app - but wonder how you approach it. Thanks! Hope to see you in Canada some day!
Peter Olofsson in Solna  140311 20:06
Hej Martin,

Du är grym! Du råkar inte ha någon akustisk spelning i Sholm?

pat  140308 9:42
is there tab for another Christmas song, if so how do I purchase it? thanks, have a good day
ANTONELLO in ROME  140304 23:33
Hello Martin, I am writing from Rome in Italy and I wanted to tell you that since I see and listen to your videos I hung up my guitar to the nail, because I realized that I will never sound like an angel. I'd love to see you play live and I would be willing to come to Stockholm. If you want visit Rome, you could come to my house and be my guest and my wife. Sorry for may bed english, but I used Google translator. Ciao.
Mark Antony in Bournemouth/ UK  140303 17:34
Hi Martin just though I would let you know that I love your guitar playing. I only started learning about 12 months ago, tried some teachers but they seem to be in it for the money only. I always ask where is the passion? So now I am trying to learn through the internet and using the music grading system. Got: to say its not so easy and progress is quite slow but I guess its a matter of perseverance. Anyway enough about that. You may be interested in hooking up with a guy here, in Uk, he's called Justin Sandercoe he is much the same as you musically speaking his website is justin you maybe able to work together. I just like his site from the tuition side. So thats it for now.
Best wishes

Moe Balhan in Mokena  140302 20:21
Hi Martin, been a fan for a while now. Could you please video Heart Beat. It helps so much to learn your tunes with the visualization. Thanks for your time.
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