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rich limouze in jefferson, maine  170322 2:42
Excellent command of the instrument. Beautiful work with your fingerstyle. Clean as a whistle, precise, and VERY tasty! A joy to hear. Arrangements are superb. Been playing for 50 years myself but I could learn some things from you. You are right up there with Tommy E....Keep pickin'n'grinin'!

John Greene in Concord, NH U.S.  170311 22:32
Dear Sir,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your playing! I saw your "Whiter Shade of Pale" video while researching the purchase of a Lowden. Wow! So articulate! I have never seen one play so effortlessly. Quite the light touch!

Thank you for sharing your talent and for being accessible. Check out the Ullapool Guitar Festival. I think you would enjoy it and I know you would be well received. I would be happy to introduce you to Richard Lindsay, the festival director.

I wish you all the best and look forward to more of your compositions.


daniel bishop in Ferfuson Mo  170311 4:08
Hey Martin, you are fantastic. I'm in Ferguson Missouri. Yep, the same town that was in the news two years ago. But that's okay, Michael Mcdonald is from Ferguson too. We actually went to the same High school. I am a rock guitarist, converted to alto saxophone, currently doing solo gigs as a finger style guitarist. Please write me back. You're my hero! Cheers, Daniel
Morthen in Helsinki  170310 23:13
Hei Martin,

jeg har spilt Øystein Sundes Jaktprat fra øret siden jeg var liten gutt, en Jesse James slik du gjør det får jeg ikke til. Selvsagt uten sammenlikning forøvrig. You win, jeg kjøper TABen :) Håper du fortsetter å poste. Ha en super helg!

stor fan.
Peter  in Göteborg     170302 11:55
Hej Martin!
Kort kort fråga : miniflex-micken,hur gick den är använda live? Är den lika vansklig som att använda en dpa och försöka notcha sig igenom spelningen bredvid en trummis?
Vh Peter
Lucio Nocerino in Robbiate (Italy)  170301 13:22
ciao Martin.....sei forte. grazie per i post e tabs!
John Hall in Grandview Texas    170222 22:51
Hello Martin
I am working on the amazing grace version you have composed and am having a little trouble lining up your video with the tabs you provided. Is there a second verse that is not on the tabs and would you mind defining the symbols of when you want a slide or hammer on. I am new to playing guitar and sometimes the obvious does not come to me as it would someone that is a seasoned player. Thank you for your music my wife and I enjoy listening to your songs. Friends of mine are playing bluegrass in your part of the world. They are the Purple Hulls (two sisters). thanks again
Ray Griggs in Florida, USA  170214 16:10
Greetings Martin,

I LOVE your music and videos! Just watching you play relaxes me, you have such a wonderful touch on the guitar. The sound on your recordings is just wonderful as well. I was wondering if you could tell me what you use to record, what mic and what system and how you synchronize them with your videos.
Best Regards,
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