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Farhad in Göteborg    140127 22:31
Hej Martin

Vilken inspiration du har varit för mig i flera år!

Nu måste jag fråga dig något. Kan du vänligen berätta vilka Loef du spelar på (tex. i Spring of Hope). Är det en "OM"? vad är träslagen som Olav har använt?

Tack för svar?

Gerald in Ann Arbor  140120 17:38
Hi, just bought the Magnolia tab, very nice. is there a GP5 available? I see it mentioned in another comment here, but have only the link to the PDF.

since many of the free tabs have GP5 files, wondering if the ones for sale do. Thanks!
Dan Lykke in Lyngby  140119 9:21
Hi Martin. Once again I find myself leaving this world in a dream listning to your music. Iam such a big fan of yours and work hard on getting better so I can play some of your numbers fairly and hope one day to be able to play besides your numbers and have a harmonic.
Please dont ever stop using your gift.

- Will lucid dream and spring of hope be avalible as tabs in the future. Lucid dream is amazing and hope to pick a fight with the tabs :)

The best regards and wishes.
Evgeniy  in Ukraine    140115 11:55
Hi Martin. Thank you for your music, you play great! And never stop
Donna in Phoenix,AZ (USA)  140114 4:24
Will you ever come to the U.S. to play? Your music is my saving grace..

mark in glasgow, scotland  140112 22:48
hi martin
your guitar playing is amazing and has inspired me to start playing again always look forward to your new postings.

all the best
Sam Rogers in Maywood, IL USA  140111 1:34
I just came across your work. I think it's great. I'll be buying a little at a time. I'm 59, never got out of the bedroom with my guitar or pedal steel guitar, I just love to play. Thank you so much for sharing the videos and tabs. It's exactly the kind of playing I currently have an itch for.

Best of luck to you!
jean luc Cohen in Marseille France  140105 22:46
hello Martin , i recently discover you and your fantastic playing . our association in Marseille organise show with international guitarists, 5/6 times by year.
We and the Marseille's public would be honored to receive you for a show .
for any questions fell free to contact us.
hope this could interest you with our kind regards
wish you an happy new year
Jean-Luc Cohen tel 00 33 06 11 85 34 92
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