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Linas in Halle/Saale Germany  131127 21:53
Hey you playing amazing ;) I have question do you play only with Classic Guitar (Nylon Strings). Hope you can asnwer me :) Your are the best. Btw i find you im online only 30min ago and i am now absolutly amazed well done :)
Bob Minner in Nashville, TN USA    131127 18:58
Just discovered your playing and I love it. It's keeping me in good company today :-). Pleasure to discover you my friend...

Acoustically yours,
Stefan Johansson  in Norrköping  131126 21:06
Hi Martin, Thanks for the tablatures. I just want to say that your playing amazing.
Dale Stasko in Memphis,Tn USA  131122 3:25
My bad. Sorry for the #131122 comment. My tab was linked in my email even though i wasnt asked for my email address. It was sent through paypal right away.
Great tab format. I will purchace additional tabs soon.
Your talent for arranging is exceptional.
Dale Stasko in Memphis,tn USA  131122 2:59
Just payed for the tab freight train but I was not re-directed and was never asked for my e-mail.
I payed with paypal. please email my freight train tab.

Great arrangement of the tune by the way.
martyn Taig in ireland  131120 15:04
Hi Martin,

Just been watching some of your videos and love your playing. Have taken advantage of your free downloads too which is so kind of you to make these available. Thankyou and am just about to start learning "whiter shade…"

Thankyou again for the inspiration and the access to your tab.


Daniel Nehren in New York  131118 19:03
Hi Martin, I wanted to tell you how much I love you guitar playing. It really inspired me, so much actually that I just came back from a trip to Finland to meet Olav and pickup my own new Loef Guitar! A absolutely love it.

May I ask what strings do you us for your guitars?


Barry in Texas USA  131113 0:00
Hey Martin,

Thanks for the recent tabs!! I am trying to learn Here for You and want to match up the tab with the YouTube video of it but I can't get my guitar to match the baritone you are using. I have tuned down my standard acoustic 1/2 step but to no avail. Not familiar with baritone's at all.....I am guessing they are tuned differently.....

Can you give me some advice on how to match the tunings up? Or would you please post a new video of you playing it on a standard acoustic?

Thanks so much for being an inspiration to a lot of your fans.

I truly enjoy learning your wonderful tunes.

God Bless

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