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Phil in Belgium  130612 16:55
Hi martin

I just want to thank you for motivating me through years of guitar playing, and for the beautiful performances and transcriptions.

Any chance I could buy the transcription of Lenny Breau's version of "The Claw" you played back in 2007? I can't find it on your site, although in the video said there was a transcription

Adam in Canada    130611 4:45
Hi Martin,

Just came by here to say how much I enjoy listening to your music. I always seem to come back to it. As a fellow guitarist, you possess an incredible touch and feel and sensitivity in your playing, that blow many of us away. Hope to hear more..

Best wishes to you and your family,
Dave Simmons in Lee, MA  130607 0:08

Just want to pass along to you that I simply love your style. I am a lifelong guitarist, far from your level of play, but a lover of good guitars and guitar music.... and I know quality when I hear it, see it or touch it.

Thank you for your music.

Nick in NYC  130605 3:14

Thanks for posting such beautiful music on YouTube and for sharing some free tabs for those of us who aspire to come close to your playing. I downloaded The Rose and I'm eagerly looking forward to learning it. I'm a beginner, heading to intermediate player. I had one question about the tab. In the tab when you indicate a note on 7th fret,is it measured from the capo or the normal 7th fret of the guitar.
Thanks for clarifying. I'm running over to ITunes to check our "Acoustics"- thanks again for your generosity!
Fabio in Oslo  130603 16:27
Hei Martin,

I just discovered you this morning, via Olav (i am trying to order a baritone from him)..........and whatever you play is so very brutally BRILLIANT!!
And those Loeb what a tone!!!!!!!!!!!
I am definitively going to check out your CDs--> all of them!!

Best regards

Roberto in Costa Rica, Central America  130602 22:59
I like your music, so creative.
Can I send my music?

Give me please your email.
juan in spain  130528 23:03
hello man , you are too much¡
jordan davies in merthyr tydfil wales  130527 18:24
hi martin i just want to say thank you for all your amazing videos and all your original songs. i started to play guitar straight after i saw your duelling banjos arrangement for guitar. i was just amazed!
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