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Logan in Houston    130522 3:57
Hello, Martin -

Many thanks for sharing your gift! What an absolute talent you have. Curious if you've ever considered selling some of your backtracks to some of your tunes as a 'jam along' CD? I know a few die hard Tallstrom mimics (see, me) who would love that!

Gareth Forsyth in Malvern    130519 21:57
Hiya Martin, Absolutely love you Guitar Playing! I've been playing for twenty years and love playing Fingerstyle. I hope you are coming to West Midlands,England soon!!

All the best. Gareth
Lars Brechtefeld in Selk, Germany  130518 20:43
Hallo Martin,

firstly I would like to thank you these wonderful tabs of the „Twin Peaks Theme“ and the “Laura Palmer’s Theme”!!
I really love your arrangements and I am trying very hard to play them almost like you do you.
Could I ask you where you got the keyboard backing tracks for your arrangements and whether they are accessible for me as well?
I would be very grateful for your help.

Best Regards from Germany and thanks again for your fabulous music!

Fritz in ipswich  130511 15:01
If learning to play the guitar is a quest
(a journey to an ultimate goal) you must be there at the very end of the journey Excellent

Kind regards

Bill Jenkins in Franklin, TN  130507 21:40
I saw your YouTube video of Forever Young. I think of you as Monet with a pick.
Bill Jenkins
Joe in Newcastle, UK  130428 15:11
First of all, thank you for your music! You've a really lovely sound, it's so inspirational.

Anyway, I'm afraid I come with a question..
I've been playing guitar on and off for around 6 years now, but I'm only any good at lead... Electric lead too, fancy that... Now to the point, I'd like to know how you started finger-style? I really have no idea where to start.. Through playing lead for so long I've stupidly avoided chords, or using my fingers at all..

Any tips you could give would be greatly appreciated! Keep writing beautiful music!


Jarrod in Nashville  130427 19:30
Do you have a full tab version of amazing grace that you put on YouTube?
steve black in manchester, uk  130426 16:49
Hi Martin, I've been meaning to tell you for a good few years now how much I admire your playing. Your touch is immaculate.
A question for you: you used to have some free tabs of blues licks, which I loved. Are they still available, and if so, how could I access them?
In admiration and appreciation
Steve Black
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