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ron  130402 2:02
Thankyou...That was wonderful! Thankyou!
garry martin in usa  130327 19:01
hello martin you are so gifted just unbelievable .
have purchased tabs from you before and will do so again could you please tell me on dueling banjo when it kicks in to the banjo rolling what re them your right hand is playing thank you please keep posting new videos

joey castillo in thomasville, georgia  130325 1:52
I really enjoyed watching your youtube videos. Thanks for posting. I have been inspired to play more Bluegrass music. just amazing, really.
Jaime in Indianapolis, IN  130322 2:53

I found your acoustic version of Amazing Grace on youtube. I absolutely love the sound you were able to create. I would like to use this recording as part of my wedding, unfortunately I cannot find this song for sale on iTunes. Would you be able to send me an attachment with this recording? I would be willing to pay for it. Thank you.

Ben Perea in Albuquerque, NM USA  130321 1:49
Hello Martin -
I have purchased you cd and tabs before but am having trouble with the pdf files (Lion Sleeps, Ode to Billie Joe and Itsy Bitsy Spider) Can you please check them. i wouldn't even mind paying for the arrangements if necessary. You and Tommy Emmanuel are my absolute favorite guitarists! You really should publish a tab book - that would be incredible!
Thank you,
Deltour in belgium  130319 16:41
i hope so you have a good traduction in french because my english is not perfect...wel in french now....: bravo pour votre music et votre jeu guitare ...est il possible d'avoir le "backing track" de "shuffle rag" s'il faut payer ce n'est evidement pas un problème.
thanks to you
Rick  in Northern Ireland    130313 23:48
Hi Martin,

Found you on Youtube last week and I think you are really class. I was looking for banjo style guitar and found your Jessie James vid.

Wow!! pretty cool!!
I've downloaded the tabs and am slowly working through it.. would you be able to tell me what the general roll paterns are so that I can try to get my fingers moving in the right

Many thanks
Thorsten in Germany  130309 10:24
Hello Martin,

I just discovered your outstanding and highly inspiring guitar playing. Thank you for sharing so much of it with us!

Martin, you do fantastic arrangements of so many songs ... I immediately bought your album and some tabs and started working. I have one question now:
You use several loop layers on your youtube performance of Mbube, right?

The percussive "rumba flamenco" loop, how is it played? Is it just percussive or do you play the chords underneath? Could you please teach this technique to me, or give me some reference where I can learn it?

It is such a joyful little song.

Many thanks in advance!


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