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mike in uk  130309 1:06
Hi Martin

Ive played guitars for a long time

but having watched your videos, i think I should probably stop now.

thank you,


Ethan in Brookline, MA - USA  130305 16:39
Hi Martin

Thank you for so generously sharing your incredibly beautiful music.

i have been enjoying many of the videos you've posted

i'm an "at home" picker - mostly in my kitchen - but at 59 - it's something i love - and especially enjoying watching and listening to the greats - like you.

i am mesmerized by your version of Amazing Grace - i know that you have posted an "outline" of your arrangement and was wondering if you offer the full arrangement for sale

thank you

finally - please let me know when you're in Boston -

Cliff in Texas!  130304 4:34
Foggy Mountain Breakdown... Wow... I'm a semi-professional guitarist (and mandolinist), and that made even my jaw drop!
Moe in USA  130302 18:10
Love your music, could you give me the lyrics to Road That Leads Back Home. Thanks, want to work it out with churh choir.
Pétrus in France  130228 13:28
Rachel in England  130226 1:25

I'm just starting out learning the guitar and you pieces are a real inspiration. There is one song that I have always wanted to be able to play acoustically, and that's wind beneath my wings (Bette Midler) listening to your version of The Rose really reminded me of that. It was my Nan's song, and I just hope I learn to be good enough at the guitar to express the passion that I have for that song to do it justice.

Thank you for loading the tabs, hopefully I'll be good enough to play them one day.

Michael in Lakewood, CO  130223 8:57
Really enjoy your music. Been working through Dueling Banjos. It occurs to me that to get the rolling rhythm of the faster parts, the notes have to be pretty close. It seems that the tabs are not the same as what you are playing. I'm having a tough time with bar 26 (bottom right of page 2). After the open,3,3 the video shows you doing two pulloffs on the 3rd string (3,2,0), but it's not written that way. And I can't figure out where to put the note on the 2nd string in all of that.
Also, at first I was play the 21st bar as it is written, plucking the third string (2nd fret), and then plucking the first two strings (3rd fret) when my pinkie hit the hammer on the 4th fret. But your video shows you plucking the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st strings at the same time, and then doing the hammer.
Any way you can help me with the 26th bar? I feel like I've learned it the wrong way, but am not sure how to correct it. Then, 2 months later when I have it up to speed, and it doesn't sound right, I have to unlearn it and try to figure out how to play it right. Oh yeah, you're going to think this is lame, but even with the slow motion video I can't quite get it right.
Thanks, Martin.
JM in Australia  130222 3:02
Hi Martin
Huge fan i really enjoy your style. im slowly working my way through your tabs but any chance i can get a copy of the "un-named/unfinished" piece played in the first test of the mini-flex video. A definate favourite of mine cant wait to hear the final arrangement.
All the best,

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