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Joe in Mölndal, Sweden  130221 17:41
Hey Martin,
I'm an American guitarist living in Sweden. We corresponded a couple years back...You had given me your transcription to Dueling Banjos, but I would like to know if it's possible for me to get the the Guitar Pro version? It's one of my favorite guitar arrangements!
Jim Allen in St. Peters, MO.  130221 6:56
Hi Martin,
Love your music and picking. Is it possible to buy "The Claw" and "Jerry's Breakdown" in both the sheet music and/or tab form from you? I didn't seem them in your tabs for sale or in the free ones.
ravi in new mexico usa  130218 23:28
I appreciate the way u play and i am being playing classical guitar and after hearing the baritone guitar how is played and the sound and the way you play is awesome god bless you for the sound u creat.. thanks again
Don Mitchell in Portland, Oregon, USA    130218 0:14
Martin, I was very impressed with the Miniflex model2 test on nylon string guitar you put up on YouTube. I've struggle with piezo pickup systems in my nylonstringed guitars for years now, and after seeing another Portland guitarist (Eric Skye) who is now playing on stage with a microphone, even in higher volume situations, I'm seriously exploring this option. But the Miniflex seems like the perfect compromise allowing for more freedom of movement & less set-up time. My question is, how have they worked on the gig? Are you still able to get that luscious authentic acoustic tone demonstrated on the videos? And what are the feedback issues, if any? Love your playing, by the way, and especially your relaxed and composed manner in front of the camera. I'm still suffering from "red light fever" when the camera is rolling.

Best regards from Portland, Oregon.

Steffan in B.C. Canada    130217 17:11
Love your 'relaxed' style, often recommend your music & sites. Missed you for a while, be well, your stuff is great. Steffan
Rush Burkhardt in Fripp Island, South Carolina  130216 23:18
Just discovered your thread, on YouTube! Although I'm a mandolin player, I have played 5 string banjo tunes on the guitar for years (not to be confused with your level of expertise!) Some of what I heard you do, like the Foggy Mtn. Breakdown and Jesse James have inspired me to drag out my guitar, re-tune and attempt to get my 70-year old fingers to remember! Thanks!
Rush Burkhardt
Fripp Island, South Carolina, USA
Dennis in Sedona Arizona USA  130213 18:54
Hello Martin! I wish you would release your recording of "Wimoweh" for sale on your website or Amazon. Its a joyful performance that deserves so much to be heard beyond YouTube!
Richie in Netherlands  130210 9:09
Hi Martin,

I recently came into contact with your music, specifically your version of the Twin Peaks theme. I'm active at a Dutch guitar forum, one of the guys just finished a homebuild bariton guitar and played this.
It got me playing again! Now I'm learning A Whiter Shade of Pale. Both songs are on the upper end of my abilities, but it's fun and I decided that for the first time I'm going to take lessons after years of fooling around for myself..

Your play is jawdroppingly beautiful and I can only hope one day I wil come close to your level. (yeah right, dream on Richie. :) )

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