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tony cox in Cape Town South Africa    130205 11:53
Hi Martin,

Would you ever be interested in coming to South Africa to perform? I run a series of concerts here in winter and summer. It would be great to have you here sometime.

all the best,
Colin McWay in CT. USA  130204 21:12

I will be in stockholm over the weekend, are you playing anywhere?

Mattias bygdén in Skellefteå Sverige  130203 20:12
Hej! Vad rent och snyggt du spelar och vad roligt att du vill sprida din talang med videosar och tabulatur.
Jag har en fråga? Tar du emot beställningar på tabulatur antingen som pdf eller som guitar pro fil?
Har en låt som jag alltid har velat lära mig att spela men skulle behöva tabulatur på den.
Fortsätt fingra på gitarren Mattias:)
Daniel in USA  130201 4:37

Your YouTube version of "Laura's Theme" rocks my world, for lack of better words!
Buz Busby in Newville, AL USA  130130 2:00
Recently found your talent via internet and am enjoying it a great deal... I have reasonable acumen with the guitar,or at least that what some will say. I am getting to the age where I want to record some of my tunes and arrangements... all are fingerstyle... so that those that follow after my passing will have some idea of what brought me some joy and peace. I have some old recording gear, left over from days gone by... an old computer with Pro Tools; some decent small condenser mics; an Avalon tube pre; a Rode NTK (tube mic). My question centers around your technique and chain... so any input would be welcomed and appreciated. By the by, I also have a few nice instruments... my turn-to guitars are a Collings OM; a HD-28 style that was handmade; and an Eastman archtop(John Pisano Model). Thanks for your time and consideration. Sorry for the verbose post, I guess it comes with the years.
All The Best,
Lu in Shanghai, China  130129 14:34
Hi Martin,
One of my friend will have her baptist this Easterday. I was looking for a tab of Amazing grace and then I found. Thank you!
Paul Howe in Kansas City, Missouri USA    130125 2:03
Really appreciate your talent and style. Always a pleasure to listen to your music. Would you mind sharing your recording technique for the acoustic guitar. Equipment (pre-amps), mic's, placement, etc. I too play and record guitar and simply can not seem to record acoustic and get a decent sound. Too "hollow", deep etc.

Sure appreciate anything you are willing to share.
Lance Larsen  in Custer washington   130125 0:35
Hey Martin
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your outstanding guitar. I look forward to learning some of the songs you've posted online. You're a really great player.
Thx. Lance
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