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Chuck Rieman in Fort Lauderdale  130123 18:46
Great stuff Martin! Effortless technique!!

Two questions:

Are you touring/gigging anywhere?
Do you use your nails on your right hand?

Best Regards,
James Blackshaw in Brentwood, England    130123 13:32

I have just seen a solo guitar fingerstyle version of the Eagle's song Lyin' Eyes on youtube, it is your arrangement but performed by someone else. In the comments it says that you used to provide the tab to the arrangement on here, but apparently it was removed.

Is there any possibly chance you'd be able to e-mail the tab to me - I'd really appreciate as I love the arrangement!

Many thanks

Bernhard van Ham in Vienna, Austria    130123 3:13
Hey, Martin,

excellent Acoustics CD, just bought it on iTunes. Great playing, very interesting arrangements and mixing.

Thanks for making great music.

Best - Bernhard
Joris van Gaal in The Netherlands    130119 11:35
Hi Martin,

So many thanks for putting up the tabs on your wonderful composition of "Good Riddance" from Green Day! This has been one my my all time favourites since I found your version on YouTube.

I will defo put in a lot of practice to master it the way you play it as it is enchanting.

I have also looked on iTunes if I could download your version to my iPhone. Are you planning in having this wonderful composition published in iTunes as well?

Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Joris
Benjamin in Heidelberg, Germany  130118 20:52
Hi Martin,

I love you're arrangement of Freight Train, the one you show here: I wanted to buy the tab, but the one you sell is for the new version. Do you also have the tab for the "old" one?

Thanks, Ben
Alex in Moscow  130117 20:05
Hello Martin,

Thank you so much for these fantastic Twin Peaks tabs. It is a very generous gift to all of us amateur guitar players. I wish you all the best in your work.
David in Alabama  130116 4:19
It's been several years now, but I wrote to you, I guess its been 4 years now, regarding a possible article in a magazine. Unfortunately, the publisher pulled the plug about a year into it, due to lack of funds, imagine that. I have so enjoyed your music and was wondering if there was a place to buy any of your music, that's not on Acoustics?
I'm sure there are many others who would want the same.
Thank You, for all you have given us.
Steve in Texas  130116 3:08
Martin, Just purely awesome just one question, are you playing in open E Mostly ?? I`ve been picking your style for over 50 years, mainly in Reg tune never once tried it in open OMG Thank You for teaching an Old Dog A New Trick..
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