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Jodie Haugen in Illinois  130108 19:26
Hi! I was looking around for music for my wedding, and I listened to your acousic version of Amazing Grace. It's the most beautiful version I've heard, and I want to use it. However, it's not on your album and I don't know where to purchase it. I don't want the sheet music, I want the actual version. Where can I get it??
Jay in Texas  121226 0:18
Martin, I also discovered your videos while searching "foggy mountain breakdown" online. This is some Really great playing. I haven't decided yet though if you inspire me to play better or if I'm just gonna put my guitars up for sale. Thank you for sharing these songs with me and the rest of the world. Merry Christmas to you and yours
bob in southern Cal.  121220 5:27
Martin, I must say that you are one of my favorite guitar players. Your Whiter Shade of Pale is one of the all time great arrangements for guitar. I learned it from your tab and love playing it. I consider the way you accent certain notes to be a study all by it's self. Is there any way that you can do a tab for the fancy open string lick that you do in the intro to jiffy jam? It is a superb move and I would love to learn it. Thanks for everything. Your music and tabs have provided me with much enjoyment.
bob in fountain, florida  121214 22:01
I like to try and play the guitar. I have no natural talent for it so I just have to beat it into my head. I aspire to play like you. I do not think I will make it but I am going to keep trying. I am 59 years old now.
Listening to you play inspires me. Thank you for sharing your music.
Dale in Duluth, MN  121213 17:38
I have your first album which I think is excellent. Just bought this one. You are sounding great! Thanks.

Matthew Clark in NJ    121212 22:21
Jerry's Breakdown was the result of a search of a new direction for my own playing. I have been playing for 25 years and I must say how much I found your playing to be inspiring and very motivating. Thank you for that!....
Like a breath of fresh air Man...Great stuff!
Ron Feaster in Snohomish, Wa. USA  121211 1:37
Hey Martin,
I was searching You Tube one time looking for some one who could play Foggy Mountain Breakdown on the guitar and I found you. I watched you play it and I just sat there shaking my head in amazement and envy. There are times in my life when I find someone who plays so well that it actually brings me to tears wishing I could play like that. You, Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, and a few others are my favorites of all time. I'm 59 years old. I bought your Acoustics CD and it's time to get the rest. Dam your good and thanks for putting your talent on You Tube. I'll spread the word about you and your talent to others and hopefully you will become, as the saying goes "An internet sensation". Hopefully you will hit it big.
Dell Krauchi in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada    121210 18:08

I happened to come across you in your testing of the Miniflex mics...

It is very, very nice to hear - and see - a guitarist who has a real passion for thier playing and who is not afraid to "push" the guitar just a bit. It really ads to the overall feeling of your playing. I also appreciate the "integrity" of your playing - something that is sorely lacking in the YouTube circles these days.

Thank you very much, Martin!
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