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Dell Krqauchi in Maple Ridge, BC Canada    121210 5:20

Just a quick note...I will say more in the next few days.

Kris Adamczak in Torquay, Devon,UK  121209 21:22
Hello Martin
I've listened to many guitarist but never seen anybody playing with such a grace and virtuosity. You are truly exeptional guitarist. I'd be delighted if you consider showing some tips/advices on you tube. Alternatively would it be possible to have a lesson with you via skype?
Thank you for you magic guitar!
Mats Granath in Lund, Sweden  121127 0:41
Musik finns det ju otroligt mycket ärligt talat: Det blir inte mycket bättre än så här! Jag är en musikalisk allätare som snöat in på allt från klassiskt, folk, pop, name it. Men jag återkommer ständigt till ditt briljanta gitarrspel och dina genommusikaliska arr. Hatten av!!
Giovanni in Rome  121126 20:05
Hello Martin, your playing, your arrangments and your songs are very amazing.
James in Wales UK  121118 22:15
I came across your website through somebody else playing your excellent version of Elizabeth Cottons's Freight Train. I initially just bought the music for Freight Train but I now have spent the evening listening to your music.
I admire your music and talent.
Tyler in Ontario, Canada 121118 4:39
Hello Martin, I originally came across your music when I was looking for baritone videos on youtube. Hearing your version of Time Of Your Life brought a whole new perspective to a song that meant a lot growing up. Thanks so much for sharing your music and talent with the world!

Keep on keeping on!
Yamandu Pontvik in Sundsvall    121116 11:57
Hej Martin
Skriver från Sundsvall och i mars gör vi III gitarrfestival och vill gärna kontakta dig så snart det är möjligt för en spelning.
Hör av dig gärna idag eller skicka mejl med din telefon nummer.
Yamandú Pontvik
Clement in Hong Kong SAR  121115 12:46
Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for sharing the lovely & amazing music to us. I'm deeply inspired by your music style. Blessing that I can get to know you via youtube then find your page here. Sure i will tunning in and look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks.
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