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Jean-marc  121104 22:30
Tanks for the tabs !

J'aime ce que vous faite , je débute avec guitarpro et j'adore les les balade folck .
Merci beaucoup
Jean-marc to France
Joshua in Taiwan  121101 16:44
Hi Martin. I want to say thank you for sharing these's really a blessing to me!

best wishes

David Spence in Northern Ireland  121101 13:02
Hi Martin. Just wanted to say thanks for your kindness in sharing all this stuff on your website. The videos themselves are great but it's so kind of you to make the tabs available as well. I really enjoy your playing. It seems so effortless and the guitar sounds truly beautiful. I'd love to hear your take on some more traditional Christmas tunes as I really enjoy playing Silent Night. Thanks again and God bless.
David, County Armagh
Don Jones in Louisiana  121029 19:59
Hi Martin

I enjoy your playing and videos. You play with wonderful technique and with great feel too. Your arrangements are really nice as well. I've worked up a few...Freight Train, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Man of Constant Sorrow, Jesse James, Dueling Banjos (just started that one).

But I'm wondering 2 things...long ago on your site you hand some neat licks, open string scale runs and such. I marked it but never checked them out. It's a bit slow going for me with tab as I prefer the standard musical notation. I just didn't get around to teasing those apart...til they were gone! Any chance you could put some things back up?

Thing number 2...I'd love to buy a standard notation copy of your arrangement of The Claw.


Roy Atkins in London,Canada  121027 18:14
Could you do an arrangement of Leanard Cohen's Suzanne and Dance Me to The End of Love.

cattis  121025 14:48
e allt bra med dig
Steven in Albuquerque  121025 1:24
You are a great fingerpicker! I have a question about your choice of guitar/tuning for the song "Twin Peaks." It looks like you are using a baritone. If I recall correctly- the tab music shows a 6th string tuning of D. I also seem to recall you are using a capo.

I am a little confused as to what the string tunings should actually be. A baritone is tuned to either a 4th, or a 5th. I would appreciate your clarifying this issue.

Also- I sure would like to see you put up the tab for Bluefield. Excellent song!

Srdjan in Belgrade  121023 21:25
keep picking man, you're great
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