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Paul  in South Carolina  121022 1:51
Hi Martin I discovered you through youtube and found your Foggy Mountain Breakdown. It is absolutely amazing and even though I'm not that great at fingerpicking this makes want to start practicing more. Just wondering if you could possibly give me some tips on fingerpicking? :) Thank you for the inspiration and great music,

Brooke in Michigan    121021 4:37
Man, I just got done listening to your acoustic version of Amazing Grace on youtube and was more than impressed. Absolutely beautiful.
Glyn withers in Wales  121018 12:14
Hi Martin,absolutely love your work and some of the stunning tones you seem to achieve.I've submitted my efforts to U tube,including a rendition of Freight Train-loosely based on yours,but not even half as good.Please check out my tunes.look for 'fingerpicker01' many thanks for your inspiration I'll always follow your music.Regards Glyn
Kelly Peterson in minnesota    121018 11:39
Hey martin
I came acorss you on youtube when watching a miniflex2 mic review by doug young. I saw your 1st review and i checked it out. It didn't take long to figure out that you were a great player. Excellent. I too am a guitarist. from the little I know about you so far. you came from electric. I am kind of the same thought I have always played fingerstyle acc too. But have been really into it the last couple years. But man you are good. pleasant surprise.
Oh and I am also a swede but am native to the usa. anyway best wishes to you and if you really get bored check out my website. I have some tunes up there. no video thought
Kim in Toronto    121017 19:08
Hey Martin,
I was searching for music for a dance lesson on leaves, and came across Falling Leaves. I CANNOT stop listening to it. To the point where I had to post it on FB. I've never taken the time to send a message, but thought I should. It is soooo beautiful.

I could really listen to your playing all day.
(Are you married? ;) hahaha)

Many thanks for the great music!
Julius Coufal in Czech republic  121017 14:58
Hi Martin.
Your Foggy Mountain Break down is super :-) I have your tab and starting practice.....Jula.
Simon Mackay in Germany  121015 0:59
Hi Martin,
I am a big fan of your work. Found you on you tube after you played one of my favourite pieces (Love Theme - Twin Peaks). Even more excited now I found you webpage and the tab for said song.
I was wondering if there was a possibility you could play another favourite piece of mine which I am learning - Cavatina, the Theme from the Deer Hunter, it makes me tingle everytime I hear it, and would be interested to see how you play it, I am inspired by your work, and look forward to hearing more from you.

Thank you for the inspiration, and the music,

Roberto in Italy 121014 19:15
Thank you, Martin. I discovered you on youtube, and I had a really good time listening to you. So, thank you!
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