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Greg Bellatorre in WA State, USA  121013 19:30
Hello Martin
I discovered you through your offerings of Chx Pickin tabs many years ago. I was simultaneously inspired and completely burried! Ten years later I have a bit more of a foundation on the tele to make sense of the notes behind the sound.
My question is: do those tabbed licks still exist?
They are a treasure trove for mediocre pickers such as myself. Thanks for the inspiration.
andre in usa  121011 22:02
hello, i'm planning to purchase your dueling banjos tab, but i'm also interested in the claw if it's available? thank you
Fredrik Lund in Linköping  121010 21:33
Hi Martin,

Long time, no seen, but you still rule on guitar! : )

Guest 121010 19:12
Ron in Pittsburgh, Pa

Love your music and thanks for the tabs.
Hope you come to the Pittsburgh area

Many Thanks
Maut in storage 121010 16:27
Hello do you have a tab Jesse James please ??? please upload ..
Joe in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada  121008 22:35
You sound amazing. I found you on You Tube.
I love playing Bluegrass. My style is playing rythm and picking at the same time.
Please come to Canada or even better Ontario.
I seen Tommy E in Toronto. It would be great if you could visit Toronto. Bring your guitar.
ray frost in spain  121007 10:44
Hi Martin,

Just viewed the lap steel video. Would love to get a copy of the Lyin eyes backing track. Can you help me?

Keep up the good work!

Billy Denham in Dayton, TN. USA  121005 17:24
What a Superpicker you are! And smooth as hot butter. I've had the priviledge to jam with some of the greats, Paul Yandell, Richard Smith, Nokie Edwards, Tommy E. and now I hear you. Craig Dobbins put me on you and I am thankful. Really enjoy your music.
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