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Bill Schrouder in Oregon USA  121004 17:53

Thank you very much for your music, you are a very, very accomplished player. It's one thing to play at that level, but your phrasing is second to none. every time I listen, It's like receiving a wonderful gift.

Tyson in Canada  121001 7:19
hey man i love your music. i want to learn all your songs they sound great and i love the style of music you play. i am 15 and have been playing guitar for 3 years self taught and i love it.
Guest  121001 7:14
hey man i love your music. i want to learn all your songs. they sound fun and i lone the style of music they are. and i am 15. been playing guitar for 3 years self taught.
paddy in ireland  120930 0:37
Come to Ireland Martin i am making a guitar for you!
enzo in napoli (italia9  120929 19:25
today i listen for the first time.
i like your music. sorry my english
i play guitar for passion.
Thomas in Seattle  120927 4:32
Hello Martin,

I must say I love your work. I cannot wait until/if a tab for Wimoweh becomes available. That said, I recently purchased your tab for "man of constant sorrow". I got a confirmation number that the purchase was completed but I never received the tab.
Akin in Pgh  120925 4:23
Thank you, Martin. You are a beacon of light.
Steve in UK    120923 12:28
Foggy Mountain Breakdown Tab is in the free section :-)

Where has Martin disapeard too?
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