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tom in Rockville Md  120921 8:02

I love what you do. I'm 65 and a longtime Chet Atkins fan.

What happened to your tab for The Claw?
patrick keith in independenc  120916 23:26
not only would I like to purchase your "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" tab, but, I'd like your dueling banjos, also. I didn't see the foggy mountain breakdown available for purchase...please advise!!
Larry Elfenbein in Calabasas  120912 2:35
Really like your music.. Thanks for sharing.
Lance Anderson in Kansas City  120909 0:48
Love your music. Are you planning on touring in the states anytime soon?
Andy Newbrey in Kansas    120908 0:48
Absolutely Awesome Stuff, Man. Awesome Stuff.....
bruno in corsica  120908 0:28
Hello martin,
just few words to say that your style is incredible!
I'm a finger picking fan (it started with marcel dadi, do you know him? surely of course...), and i love your touch and your sound.
see you
and sorry for my english, i'm a french one...
ian in Kent, UK  120907 11:30
Hi Martin,

Really pleased to have found your website. I have a feeling that constant sorrow is going to take me a fair while to get the hang of.

I'm keen to get the tab for good riddance/time of your life as well. Is that available yet?

Kind regards,

Mark Yanis in Houston, Texas  120906 21:22
Hello Martin, thanks for providing free tabs for Whiter Shade of Pale. It's a lovely but difficult (for me) arrangement that's kept me busy for months.

Are you going to make tabs available for your arrangement of Winmoweh? My 7-year-old daughter would love it, and I'd happily pay for them.

I'm a fan and admirer.

All the best,
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