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Sean Bell in U.S.A. (Utah)  120904 7:09
I stumbled onto your version of "I am a man of constant sorrow" (which is amazing) and it led me to your many other performances on YouTube. All I can say is "wow". Your playing is inspirational!!!
Dennis in Ventura  120904 4:28
Your "Wimoweh" is pure joy. A wonderful arrangement! Such virtuosity playing! I can't wait to hear your next work.
Scott in Mount Juliet, TN. USA  120901 20:12
I found your music quite by accident while looking for an acoustic version of "Silent Night" on YouTube. FANTISTIC! I immediately went to iTunes and bought "Falling Leaves" to further sample your work. Love it! I'll be buying lots more! Looking forward to the Silent Night tab as well. Nice work!
Mats Fierras in Sverige  120901 12:59
Hej Martin. Först vill jag stämma in i den övriga hyllningskören. Jag har inte fått en sådan musikalisk kick sedan jag hörde Django Reinhardt första gången. En fråga: Är du nöjd med din Mini-Flex? Själv är jag missnöjd på grund av att limmet går upp när man minst anar det. Sedan känns det inget vidare att ha en klump mitt i magen när man spelar.
Joshua Walker in Ashtabula  120830 2:35
I just love your acoustic bass track! Is Ikea in Sweden better than anywhere else?
Aleks in Stockholm  120827 22:59
Hej Martin!

Vilken teknik och känsla, helt otroligt!

Jag vill jätte gärna köpa din CD men tycker att är helt onödigt eftersom jag bor i Vällingby. Kontakta mig så du snäll om det finns något lättare sätt. Tusen tack i förvägs.

Lou  in oregon  120826 5:14
Dear Martin, Thanks for the free tabs!very generous of you.I fell in love with whiter shade of pale , and have been working hard these past few weeks to cover your arrangement. Making good progress ,but the harmonics and those triplets at the end are a challenge.Which is all cool. Feeling emboldened I purchased freight train ,and I relize theres a lot of work ahead on this piece ,but I am completely inspired and am ok with one measure at a time.My playing improves greatly from learning beautiful pieces of music .If you get the time could you explain the X in the written music on measure three of freight train .I think it would mean to mute but i,m not sure how to pull it off. thank you again for all your wonderful music .
Tom in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA  120825 20:18
Please please come to the states for a tour. What Peter in England said below is so true. I not only hear and appreciate the music, I feel it. I look forward to whatever you put out next. Your rendition of the Twin Peaks Theme might just be the most hauntingly beautiful thing I have ever heard.
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