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Billy Dawson in Nashville  120727 16:12
Hey bro,

Got your message the other day but lost it. I can't remember you email address. Thanks so much for the cd compliments. I wanna have you play on some of my new stuff! Thanks again let talk soon amigo! peace to ya

Billy Dawson
lee  120726 23:55
hi--just blown away with foggy mt breakdown--congrats to you. tired to download the tab but i always went to text editor not adobe despite me clicking adobe. any hints? thank you very very much!!

Dennis in Ventura California  120726 19:39
I meant to ask if you can say what strings you have on the Loef baritone. Great sound and they seem quiet to the fingers and nails.
Dennis in Ventura California  120724 20:13
I really admire your skill and musicianship. I'm new to baritone guitar and your Twin Peaks theme arrangement is one of my first studies with it. I'm still a bit confused about the tuning...C Baritone with 5th and 6th dropped a step?

So you tune to A#-D#-A#-D#-G-C with capo at 2 for your Twin Peaks Theme...correct??
Charlie in London UK  120724 19:20
Hi Martin.

Firstly I just want to say thank you for such a brilliant web site & for posting free tabs, I have been following your playing on You Tube for some time & have learnt a lot from your tabs, exercises & watching the videos, it really has been an inspiration.

The main reason I wanted to contact you however was to ask your advice on the mini flex mics. I work as a guitarist & have recently been battling with on stage sound with my acoustic guitar, the guitar is great I use a Lowden but the under saddle pickup sadly doesn't do it much justice. I fee a mic would be the better route to take but I have a few small concerns I wanted to ask your advice on

1. Do you experience feed back with it when playing live, quite often I'm playing rhythm in a full band line up so the volume levels can often be pushed/

2. How do they sound, I can only assume you approve of the sound but again your thoughts would be very reassuring before purchasing.

Please don't feel obliged to reply, I know your probably busy & this won't be at the top of your priories.

Thank you Martin & keep up the amazing playing & videos.

tommy delatte in new orleans area  120723 3:13
brother......i a father of 5,gave up aspirations in my early 20s to start a family.i seek this level of playing!20 years later ,im a weekend warrior who is so grateful for masters, such as yourself,who at times, makes me put my guitar down and feel real magic from true artists. thank you !
Kim Brandt in Denmark    120722 13:04
Hej Martin

Just bought your cd. Absolute joy to listen to. You have that special touch, that trancends directly to the heart of the listener.
You are one with you're instrument and a true performer.
Would love to have you play in Denmark.

bob gordon in nashville    120722 2:24
I love your videos, sound, arrangements and tabs. Will you be having a tab for "lion sleeps tonight" soon? what guitars do you play other than the loef? any plans to come to Nashville?
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