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Steve Bruno in Oakland    120707 22:18
Dear Mr. Tallstrom,

I am a big fan! Quick question; I am developing a new type of saddle, in part because of a comment I read on one of your YouTube videos. It was a remark one of your viewers made about the tone of the guitar you were playing and you responded by bringing their attention to the fact that you were using a brass saddle. Do you remember the song/video?

If I may bother you a little bit further; what is your opinion of brass or bronze nuts, bridge pins and saddles? Do they make a big difference in terms of tone?

Thanks Martin!!

Dan  in Copenhagen  120705 11:04
Hi Martin. It never fails to deliver good mood listning to your numbers. I was wondering if your new Lion sleeps tonight might be avalible as tab in the near future. Is quit taken by this so well know number and would love to be able to "try" your edition here. Your touch of the guitar is magical.

Thank you for sharing yourself.
Norm in Whittier, California  120704 18:46
Hi, Martin! Any concert, performance in Stockholm or Gothenburg this July 2013?
Paul Utah  120703 6:32
Martin, love your music and website. I'm a classical guitarist that wants to add a little blue grass etc. to his rep., but not devote tons of time due to economy of lifespan...

Can you rank your 5-7 easiest songs to learn, including foggy mtn breakdown and deuling banjos? Also, are your tabs for purchase pretty faithful to what you actually play?

Awe inspiring gifts, please keep up the great work, your insights would be most valuable...Thank you!
Ray Gingras in North Bay Ontario. Canada  120703 2:23
Your music has inspired me to start playing again after a long long time away from the guitar in the corner. It has been so long, that old girl may not even know who I am any more. If only I could play as well as you, I would be a happy man once again. Keep up the great work, you may have given me the reason to go on.

Ray Gingras
Sargent Major (retired)
Mike Till in Alabama, USA  120614 14:59
Martin, Love your music! Your style, although, I can hear Tommy Emmanuel, Chet, Jerry, Buster, and more, is all your own man! So glad I found your site. I was just surfing Youtube yesterday as usual while eating lunch and happened to come across one of your posts!
Gerd Unger in near Heidelberg    120613 17:53
Hi Martin - good to hear you - you are back home !!
A new song - a hammer Tallstrom sound - go on with it !!

All the best
Jonathan in USA  120613 17:40
What equipment are you running through? DI? Preamp? Effects? It sounds so clean and clear. Any recommendations on an acoustic bass?
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