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Jaye Carlton in Michigan, USA  120612 1:11
You are a true inspiration! There are a lot of good guitarists out there and many outstanding composers, but your music is in a class by itself. It is so full of feeling and emotion from the heart making it stand out from the rest.

Martin, keep up the great work, and thanks for your contribution to the world of music.
garry in lake station in usa  120612 1:01
martin once again you are outstanding. question when are the tabs for the lion sleeps tonight going yo be available got to have them!!!! lol take care
SPINELLI; Jean-claude in France  120610 23:38
Hi man. I appréciate so much your "Amazing grace" version. I'm a fingerstyle guitarist and I've worked this song too. I was quite proud of my DADGAD version. That was before I heard you playing this spirit tune... I love your feeling and your soul. Your music is so fresh and amazing. Keep on playing Martin.
We need music who give us so much love and hapiness.
Thank's again.
P.S. You can find me in You tube: SPI
Frank in North Carolina, USA    120607 5:15
You are an amazing guitarist. It's been awhile since I have felt this inspired to grow as a musician. Thank you for your generosity in providing free tabs of your arrangements. I've just purchased four more and I'm hoping you have or plan on having a tab of "The Claw" available soon. I'm looking forward to purchasing your CD in the very near future. Again, thank you.
Mathias in Falköping  120602 21:34
Ville bara säga att du är så grym på att spela gitarr så jag blir tårögd. Jag och min numera fru Angelica har Alphavilles "Forever Young" som vår melodi och idag (2012-06-02) så har vi gift oss. Har lyssnat till Alphaville och till din version, men din version är så bra så vi lyssnar nästan mer till den.
"Keep on playing"
Barry Bonds in Texas USA  120602 6:43
Hi Martin

Been loving your music for quite sometime now. I can actually play a few of your tunes thanks to your tabs. I truly want to learn "Time of my Life" by Green Day. Your arrangement of it is beautiful......I was wondering if you will have it available in your tabs for sale section soon?

God Bless
Edward Miller in England    120530 18:21
Hi there Martin!

I absolutely love your music, You've introduced me to this kind of (country?) guitar. I've just spent the past few days learning your version of Foggy Mountain Breakdown and have seen that you offered to send a backing track to a YouTuber who had done the same. Is there any chance you could send me a copy of the backing track too? :D

I think your website is fab and look forward to your next album!

Kadirov Darkhan in Kazakhstan  120530 18:21
hello Thank you for what you are doing.
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