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Trygve Dammann  120530 17:17
Jeg bor i Norge! Kom med en plate gjennom Kirkelig Kulturverksted i 2007. Den het "klar" Hadde en hitt på Norsk radio i 2007.
Jeg lar meg inspirere over ditt vakre gitarspill og øver flere timer hver dag. Neglene forsvinner. Bruker du løsnegler? Har du tips i denne forbindelse? Veldig taknemlig om du svarer!
Vennlig hilsen Trygve Dammann
david roman in Nashville TN  120527 0:00
amazing... have you ever performed with Tommy emmanuel?
David Peterson in Roy  120511 11:42
Hi! Just a note to say that your music is the greatest. I've purchased several tabs and am wondering if you use a computer program to create them?
Keep up the great work!
crepper 120507 18:40
hey man
rolf in potatoland    120505 7:59
Paul in Vancouver BC Canada  120504 17:17
Greetings from Canada
Discovered your website last night. WOW – fantastic. You’re inspiring to me of what’s possible (I took up the guitar 3 years ago @ 50 yrs of age). Keep up the fantastic work! I’ll certainly be buying some of your music. You reinforce my love for fingerstyle guitar
tristan in georgia unitedstates  120504 1:20
i never thought i waould try to play this type of country music i have always been a rock and roll fan but now im fingerpicking and trying to learn some of the songs you have posted up you have opened my eyes to a new world of guitar
Dave in Alberta Canada  120501 3:41
Mr. Tallstrom, do you have Freight Train in Guitar Pro Tab available?
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